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Sarah Silverman on Why Rihanna Didn’t Invite Kanye to Halftime Show: No Room for ‘Dancers to Form a Swastika’ (Video)

”When you think about it, it makes sense,“ the guest host of ”The Daily Show“ joked of Sunday’s Super Bowl

Sarah Silverman wasn’t at all surprised that Rihanna didn’t bring out Ye, the rapper formerly known at Kanye West, to perform “All of the Lights” with her during the Super Bowl halftime show. But “The Daily Show” guest host joked that it was more of a spacing issue rather than anything else.

Silverman kicked off her week of guest hosting the show on Monday night, and like many others, applauded Rihanna for doing an entire halftime show while pregnant. She joked that, considering the pop star was able to do that, there’s no reason to ever give up a seat on the subway to a pregnant woman ever again.

“Not anymore toots,” Silverman joked. “No way. The bar has been raised, so hold it.”

Looking at the performance itself, Silverman noted that some fans were a bit surprised that Rihanna did the entire show solo, considering she’s had so many incredible collaborations in her career. The comedian particularly honed in on the fact that some people apparently were surprised that Rihanna didn’t bring out Ye, to perform their song “All of the Lights” together.

“But, when you think about it, it makes sense because there wasn’t enough space for her dancers to form a swastika,” Silverman joked.

In case you somehow missed it, Ye spent much of the end of last year getting suspended from several social media platforms for antisemitic posts and tirades, with one indeed including a swastika.