Sean Spicer’s ‘New Project’ a Faint Murmur 2 Months After Newsmax Exit

The former Trump press secretary has settled for a meager audience on YouTube, a partnership with and guest appearances on NewsNation

Sean Spicer
YouTube (@SeanMSpicer)

Sean Spicer, after teasing an exciting “new project” upon his exit from Newsmax while promising a continued presence on YouTube, has kept one end of the bargain, at least.

Two months ago, Spicer left the conservative cable news channel after three years as host of his own primetime show, “Spicer & Co.” The former Trump press secretary has since embraced YouTube even as an audience has mostly failed to materialize, also partnering with an upstart video platform and making guest appearances on NewsNation.

In near-daily YouTube videos of a few minutes in length, Spicer has stayed true to the right-wing political ramblings that became the expected fodder on his Newsmax show.

Once the face of Newsmax, Spicer has settled for a meager audience on YouTube with most videos failing to garner 5,000 views, the exception being when he talks Trump (34,000 in one example) and DeSantis (16,000, for Spicer’s take on the Twitter campaign announcement debacle).

Spicer’s latest take, posted Monday afternoon, covers the seven-day-old news of Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott’s appearance on “The View” and makes the debatable point that the U.S. senator “schooled” the ABC talk-show hosts.

Some of Spicer’s other takes, if perhaps more punctual, similarly lack in sizzle, if not in credibility, from “Children forced to celebrate Pride Month by leftists” and “NAACP travel advisory for Florida devoid of any facts” to “Durham Report: Trump exonerated, FBI looks awful” and “Democrats set Kamala Harris up as the next president,” all of which you can watch on his YouTube page here.

“More than ever before, we have to be a force for good in this country,” Spicer pledged in April as he announced his exit from Newsmax, before saying he had a plan for this “in a brand new way.” 

In one of his better-trafficked YouTube posts, Spicer addressed this earlier big promise of a “new project,” saying he was launching a show on the upstart Florida-based video platform “later this summer.”

“Locals is dedicated to free speech and building an independent community that is free from the clutches of Big Tech and corporate media,” Spicer said.

He also vowed to create an interactive experience with viewers just in time for “another wild and crazy election season,” adding that members of his “community” would get to shape the show’s direction and content with input, and see unreleased previews of his shows and get behind-the-scenes access.

But Spicer has kept his toes in the pond of established news media, having joined NewsNation last month as a contributor for a role in which he will appear as a guest analyst on shows such as “The Hill.” NewsNation, which in its marketing efforts has told potential viewers to “come back to the news” as it cut through the “noise,” was not quoted in news reports of Spicer’s signing.