Seth MacFarlane Says ‘The Orville’ Isn’t Canceled: ‘There Is No Official Death Certificate’

“It is still with us,” the sci-fi series’ creator and star tells TheWrap

The Orville
20th Television

Seth MacFarlane, the creator, writer and star of “The Orville,” has offered a cryptic update on the sci-fi series’ fate.

“All I can tell you is that there is no official death certificate for ‘The Orville’,” MacFarlane told TheWrap in an interview when asked about an update on a possible Season 4. “It is still with us. I can’t go any further than that at the moment. There are too many factors.”

MacFarlane’s co-star Scott Grimes added that conversations about “The Orville” Season 4 began before the SAG-AFTRA and Writers’ Guild of America strikes.

“I do know that we are still talking about it. It’s not dead in any sort of way whatsoever. It’s just about when, where and how and building the stuff again,” Grimes told TheWrap. “I’m excited because it’s one of the greatest things to work on. So I just have my fingers crossed. And I know Seth wants to do it and that usually holds a lot of power. And I hope he gets to because it’s one of his babies that he just loves and it’s a blast to work on.”

The update from MacFarlane and Grimes comes after their co-star Adriannne Palicki said she was “no longer doing that” when asked about a fourth season of the Hulu series during an appearance on Michael Rosenbaum’s “Inside of You” podcast in November.

Palicki proceeded to clarify that she “truly doesn’t know the answer” as to whether “The Orville” will continue.

“I think there’s talk that it could possibly be something that certain people want to do but it’s a really difficult show to do,” she said. “We shot 33 episodes in six years … it became an actual real issue because there would be so much time in between seasons because Seth wanted to write everything himself. So, it would just take so much time. At one point, we were like we have to fight the studio to give us a holding fee or something because J. Lee was eating saltines and Gatorade at one point because we just couldn’t afford anything. It was horrible.”

In July 2019, it was announced that the “Star Trek”-esque show would move from Fox to Hulu for its third season. Season 3 of “The Orville” premiered on March 10, 2022 and was dubbed “The Orville: New Horizons.”

In addition to MacFarlane, Palicki, Grimes and Lee, the cast of “The Orville” includes Penny Johnson Jerald, Peter Macon, Mark Jackson, Chad L. Coleman, Jessica Szohr and Anne Winters. MacFarlane, Brannon Braga, David A. Goodman, Jon Cassar, Jason Clark and Howard Griffith serve as executive producers.

“The Orville: New Horizons” is produced by 20th Television and MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door. Representatives for Disney and Hulu did not immediately return TheWrap’s request for comment.


4 responses to “Seth MacFarlane Says ‘The Orville’ Isn’t Canceled: ‘There Is No Official Death Certificate’”

  1. No More Avatar
    No More

    No more, I beg you.

    The Orville is bad Star Trek and Star Trek is s*@t.

    1. Roger Speakman Avatar
      Roger Speakman

      If you don’t like either show, then you’re obviously not a sci-fi fan. Therefore, your opinion on this subject is null and void to us who care about the genre. If you don’t like a show (meaning, you’ve seen a good sampling of it and realized it wasn’t of interest to you), you don’t have to watch it! I’ve found numerous shows I don’t care for, so I don’t watch them either! Many are still on. I guess they still have viewers. But publicly begging for the interest in it (or them, in this case) to cease is ridiculous and inconsiderate to those of us who do like both The Orville AND Star Trek!

      1. Ronnie Avatar

        I agree with you, Roger!

  2. Darren Avatar

    The Orville has sparked in the last few years what current Trek has lost lately – and those of us who grew up with TOS, saw something “magical” and “hopeful” in what could be humankind’s next step in our development.

    Not knowing where the next adventure might happen or what was around the next nebula, made TOS like a “Christmas” everyday! Okay – I’ll drop out of warp… lol. But the best part of the series was being able to do REAL social commentary along with the advetures. TOS was like a mirror on US – to look at WHO we are, WHAT we’re doing and WHERE we’re going.

    I think that the Orville has a lot of that, plus some great humor added to boot! Sometimes corny, sometimes slapstick, often timed just right. Refreshing!

    The interplay with the characters of the crew and the dynamic is highly reminiscent of TOS too. So – I ask, WHY should it not continue? Most true Trekkers see a need to “come back” to the ways where the magic happened. Not serialized, not trying to be something it never was – just good sci-fi, with some laughs, a superb overall plot and universe that has SO many possibilities for future seasons! So – Seth, PLEASE get going on it – TED is cute but this is your magnum opis. Don’t fritter it dude!!

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