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Seth Meyers Mocks Madison Cawthorn’s Primary Ouster: ‘You May Be Gone, But Soon You’ll Be Forgotten’ (Video)

”Now he’ll have more time for his other job starring as the, I don’t know, bad boy villain in a CW drama?“ Meyers joked

Madison Cawthorn lost his seat as a North Carolina congressman this week, and Seth Meyers had an absolute ball roasting him for it on Wednesday night.

Cawthorn was defeated in his primary contest by just 1,500 votes — despite having the endorsement of the twice-impeached Donald Trump — losing to Chuck Edwards, a state senator. The incumbent’s loss seems to be the direct result of a campaign against him by his own party, and that aspect is one that thrilled Meyers.

“I will say it’s a rare treat to watch Republicans tear each other apart because when Republicans decide to knife each other, they hold nothing back,” he joked.

And of course, the late night host isn’t exactly sad to see Cawthorn go. In fact, he’s pretty sure he already knows what Cawthorn will do for work next.

“Oh, Madison, you may be gone but soon you’ll be forgotten at least,” Meyers mocked. “Now he’ll have more time for his other job starring as the, I don’t know, bad boy villain in a CW drama? It looks like he should be next to a locker threatening to tell Pacey about Dawson’s relationship with Joey.”

On the night before Cawthorn’s primary, Trump once again posted in support of the congressman, posting on Truth Social to say “Recently he made some foolish mistakes, which I don’t believe he’ll make again…let’s give Madison a second chance!”

Naturally, Meyers had some fun with that sentiment as well.

“‘Let’s give Madison a second chance’ sounds like something you’d hear at a sorority after a pledge barfs all over the rug. ‘OK, I know she drank an entire box of Franzia, but her dad knows the dean and I think we should give Madison a second chance,'” the late night host said.

Speaking a bit more seriously though, Meyers pointed out what he considers “the big takeaway” from Cawthorn’s ouster.

“When the Republican establishment wants to push someone out, they are fully capable of doing it,” he said. “They could have easily done the same thing with Trump, but they chose not to because they decided instead to collude with him, regardless of how dangerous he is.”

You can watch Seth Meyers’s full “A Closer Look” segment in the video here and above.

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