Shaq Shuts Fat-Shaming Down in NBA-Themed ‘Mean Tweets’ on Kimmel (Video)

The man has four rings, cut him some slack

During an amusing NBA Finals-themed edition of “Mean Tweets” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Shaquille O’Neal shut down some fat-shaming with a delightful clap back of his own.

The bit came during a special NBA Finals post-show version of “Kimmel,” guest-hosted by Anthony Anderson. Of course, you know how it works: Celebrities read actual, real-life mean tweets about them, supposedly for the first time, and the laughs come from their reactions.

This edition featured several current and former NBA stars, beginning with Mr. Shaq Diesel himself. You can watch the clip at the top of the page right now, but if you want to read, we’ll transcribe the gags below for you:

Baller: Shaquille O’Neal
Tweet: “Shaquille O’Neal? More like Shaquille-Hasn’t-Missed-A-Meal.”
Shaq’s response: “That’s a good one. Tell your mom to make my sandwich, and be naked when I get there. Hi, mom.”

Baller: Lavar Ball
Tweet: “If Lavar Ball is such a big baller why can’t he afford a tooth brush”
Lavar’s response: “‘Cause I like my teeth golden.”

Baller: Grant Hill
Tweet: “Grant Hill annoys me when he talks…put your eyebrows down. He looks like he is surprising himself with what he is saying.”
Grant’s response: “That’s funny.”

Baller: Caron Butler
Tweet: “Caron Butler is a ***turd”
Caron’s response: (Laughter)

Baller: Kris Middleton
Tweet: “Kris Middleton can chop down trees with his teeth”
Kris’ response: (Smiles widely)

Baller: Kemba Walker
Tweet: “Kemba actually lead all guards in charges drawn two of the last three years. My working theory is that he is so short they simply do not see him”
Kemba’s response: “That’s probably true, actually.”

Baller: Domantas Sabonis
Tweet: “Domantas Sabonis…More like Domantas Sucks *****”
Domantas’ response: (Laughter)

Baller: Kyle Lowry
Tweet: “Kyle Lowry looks like a ‘where’s my hug’ type dude”
Kyle’s response: “Yeah” (makes hug gesture)

Baller: Dwight Howard
Tweet: “Dwight Howard looks like a SoundCloud rapper who offers you his albums at the gas station you avoid”
Dwight’s response: “Daaaamn”

Baller: Spencer Dinwiddie
Tweet: “I really dig Spencer Dinwiddie and he deserves all the respect…but why does he look like the oldest young person I’ve ever seen?”
Spencer’s response: “Thanks for the respect” (shrugs)

Baller: Ja Morant
Tweet: “Ja Morant look like a guy who would bench press just a bar.”
Ja’s response: (Sad look at the camera)

Baller: Brandon Ingram
Tweet: “Brandon Ingram so skinny he can look through a peep hole with both eyes.”
Brandon’s response: “I don’t know what that means”

Baller: Trae Young
Tweet: “I like Trae Young but his hair looks like a lollipop that got dropped on the carpet.
Trae’s response: “What flavor lollipop? I may be delicious.”

Baller: Zach LeVine
Tweet: “Zach LeVine sucks the Bulls should’ve never traded Jimmy Butler. If you disagree you’re wrong and suck my butthole.”
Zach’s response: “I do disagree, but I, Imma pass. Strong pass.”

Baller: Pascal Siakam
Tweet: “Siakam get like 60 teeth.”
Pascal’s response: “I think he means ‘got’ but…” (smiles and shrugs)


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