Sheryl Sandberg Making Documentary About Hamas Sexual Violence Against Israeli Women

“Screams Before Silence” will detail the experiences of those who were raped and assaulted during the Oct. 7 attack on Israel

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Weeks after exiting the board of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg is filming a documentary in Israel that chronicles the experiences of the women and girls who were raped and subjected to other forms of sexual violence at the hands of Hamas during the Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

Tentatively called “Screams Before Silence,” the hour-long documentary will feature interviews with survivors and eyewitnesses to the attacks, in addition to first responders and medical experts. According to Deadline, the documentary is slated for release in April.

4 months after the attacks, the full extent of sexual violence inflicted by Hamas is still being discovered, but a clear pattern of horrifying rapes and mutilations committed by Hamas forces as a tactic of war has been established. There is even evidence that men have been raped as well.

Sandberg is producing the film with Israel’s Kastina Communications, the company that among other things produced the first season of “Fauda,” and according to the Wall Street Journal has produced 8 other films about Israel’s war with Hamas. While those other films were produced for Israeli TV audiences, “Screams Before Silence” is being filmed mainly in English and the intent is to find international distribution.

Related, “Fauda” has become more well known in the United States thanks to the actions of several actors and crew following the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks. Star Idan Amedi, a singer and actor who enlisted in the Israeli Defense Force in October, suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries while fighting in Gaza in early January.

Meanwhile, “Fauda” actor Lior Raz also risked his life in October during an attempt to extract two families from a town in southern Israel under bombardment by Hamas forces. And a crew member, Matan Meir, was killed in action in November.

Sandberg stepped down from the board of Facebook in January after 12 years.


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