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Sinead O’Connor Rips Dick Clark Prods Over ‘Sh-t Idea’ of Teaming Her With The Pope at AMAs

In a poison pen post in which she calls DCP’s executives ”stooges,“ O’Connor tears into their potential plan to join the singer and Pope Francis onstage

Sinead O’Connor has slammed Dick Clark Productions’ executives in a scathing blog post, claiming she was axed from performing at this year’s American Music Awards after a plan to have the singer appear with Pope Francis fell through.

In a post on her official site, the singer wrote:

“Without (even up until today) informing their CEO, three Jewish men (May I state my deep and sincere and absolute adoration firstly for all things Judaic, especially The Nevi’m and Bob Dylan), the leader of whom transpires to be a caucasian male by the name of Michael Schimmel (spelling?) employed by Dick Clark Productions, had a meeting or series of meetings (in which he swore to me tonight they did not smoke crack, cocaine, weed, nor e-cigarettes) wherein it was decided that it would be  ‘A great hook’ (all quotes Michael Schimmel, conversation taped) to ask Pope Francis to appear with me,” the singer writes in a post titled “The AMA’s And The Most Appropriately Named Company on Earth.” (The latter is apparently a reference to the “Dick” in Dick Clark Productions.”)

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O’Connor claims in the post published Friday, Oct. 10 that she was contacted six weeks ago via her record label Netwerk Music Group about performing on this year’s Awards telecast by Dick Clark Prods., who produces the show which will air on November 23. As O’Connor explains, the idea was to have her sing a medley of “Nothing Compare 2 U” and  “Take Me to the Church.”

“The production company were finding a contemporary artist with whom I might duet the songs and didn’t want to say whom, apart from proffering that it wasn’t to be Miley.” O’Connor famously feuded with Miley Cyrus on social media in October 2013 over comparisons the young pop star drew between the music videos for “Wrecking Ball” and “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

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The singer was told that the AMA performance was still contingent upon approval from ABC network, which airs the AMA awards, “on account of” she being the “Pope’s photo-ripper” and all.

Three weeks after the initial contact from Dick Clark Productions seems to be when the potential AMA performance hit a sour note for O’Connor and her record label, who hadn’t heard word back.

“We heard fuck-all for like three weeks and began asking, so we could know how to go about scheduling my work and consequent child-care arrangements around the event, in the unlikely case that it were to happen,” she revealed.

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O’Connor’s team reached back out to Dick Clark Production bosses who said they were still interested in the singer performing but only if Pope Francis took part.

The post says Dick Clark Production executive Michael Schimmel informed O’Connor they had reached out to Pope Francis through his Twitter account but had not heard back. “It was decided that these three stooges would (in all seriousness) attempt to contact the Pope via his Twitter account alone, and via no other means,” Sinead wrote. “Did you ever hear of such ‘Dickery’ in your life?”

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For those unaware (or living under a rock), O’Connor controversially ripped up a photo of Pope John Paul II during a live performance on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” in October 1992. (pictured below)

Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O’Connor rips up photo of Pope John Paul II on SNL

O’Connor tears into Dick Clark Productions even further over the notions that DCP would only contact the Pope via Twitter and that even if DCP contacted The Vatican properly the idea was inappropriate and disrespectful.

Of the production company’s pitch to have Pope Francis appear on the AMAs, the singer writes: “The idea he ought to consider lowering his feet into the disgusting world of show business and celebrity at all! Never mind with Sinead O’Connor.”

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The artist goes on to mock Dick Clark Production executives over what they might have been envisioning if The Pope actually did partake in the AMAs.

“So, what, like, was Pope Francis to take verse two and we harmonise on the bridge? Which of us was to do the ‘Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh’s?” in which he replied “”No. The idea was Pope Francis would introduce you,” she writes.

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Representatives for Dick Clark Productions and O’Connor’s record label have not yet responded to TheWrap’s requests for comment.

And since we can’t possibly do Sinead O’Connor’s rant any further justice, TheWrap suggests reading an excerpt below or clicking over to the singer’s website for the complete post.

Sinead O'Connor


I call her instead and explain I’m 47 and she doesn’t need to call my manager about it because I’m a big girl. But show biz works that way. Treat the artist like a fuckin idiot.

The e mail from the record company (before I quizzed Michael Schimmel) said Clark productions hadn’t told us for so long because “they had got quite close with The Vatican”.


Yet Mr Schimmel confirmed repeatedly he only tweeted the poor Pope.

When asked did he actually believe in his madness that the Pope attends his own Twitter account,  Schimmel said simply “A lot of people use Twitter”.

Yeah. A lot of people are twits too.

I ask him does he honestly believe in his madness that his plan could have come to pass?

I wonder like, did this guy’s parents work to put him through college?

He tells me “I’m not ashamed I had a great idea”

(Not realising its not scientifically possible for him to feel ashamed he had a great idea cus he fucking had a shit idea!)

“It would have been great, compelling TV”.

I say “So, what, like, was Pope Francis to take verse two and we harmonise on the bridge? Which of us was to do the ‘Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh’s?

He says “No. The idea was Pope Francis would introduce you”.

I realise he’s having his Walter Yetnikof (v?) moment. You know? The ‘Jackie Onassis delusion’?

I say “Why?” He says “It would be important, relevant (Mr communicator) meaningful and would be good for the world, the ecosystem (yes, he really said “ecosystem”) and for forgiveness”.

I ask who is to be forgiven?

Show biz answer he gives “The world needs forgiveness”.