Snapchat Can Now Send You AI Snaps

Snapchat+ subscribers can get unique, generative content from the app

Snap Inc.
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Snapchat+ users can now get the full Snapchat experience without even needing a human on the other end. The latest tech to use AI, Snapchat+ launched the new My AI Snaps feature, through which you can send a snap to the app’s AI and it’ll send one back, custom-generated and tailored toward whatever you initially sent.

For example, if you send the AI a snap of your homegrown tomatoes, it’ll send you a pic of gazpacho and offer up a recipe for you to try out.

As the name of the feature implies, this is an image-based evolution of the recently launched My AI feature for Snapchat, which introduced a chatbot to the Snapchat experience. Now, you no longer need a human in the mix for image exchanges. My AI Snaps is currently exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers, so don’t expect to replace your human contacts with AI for free just yet.

“Like all messages shared with My AI, Snaps will be stored and may be used to improve the product experience,” the company said in its announcement post. “While it was designed to avoid biased, incorrect, harmful, or misleading information, mistakes may occur, so please do not rely on it for advice, and let us know if you have any feedback.”

Despite the disclaimer, that very same post advertises the new feature’s ability to advise on items such as recipes, so cook at your own peril.

Snapchat’s post doesn’t clarify when (or if) the new feature will come to regular Snapchat users. It stands to reason it will, as Snapchat+ is advertised largely as a vehicle to try out pre-release, experimental features.

Snapchat did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

On the flip side of social media apps dealing with AI, some are grappling more with the challenges the technology presents. In TikTok’s case, there may soon be labels delineating which content was made by people versus AI since the lines are growing blurrier, leading to situations like the Fake Drake “scandal.”