Spanish Thriller ‘Society of the Snow’ Hits Netflix’s Most Popular Non-English Films List After 11 Days

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The J. A. Bayona joint joins the list of movies such as “Troll,” “Nowhere” and “The Platform”

Enzo Vogrincic in "Society of the Snow." (Netflix)

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Director J. A. Bayona’s “Society of the Snow” has cracked the 10th spot on Netflix’s Most Popular Non-English Films list, a list that measures the all-time most watched titles on Netflix. So far, the film has achieved a total of 51 million views and has ranked No. 1 on the Global Top 10 list for non-English films two weeks in a row.

For comparison’s sake, the Spanish action-thriller “Below Zero,” which was previously No. 10 on the Most Popular Non-English Films list, was viewed 48.6 million times. The most-watched title on the list remains the 2022 Norwegian action-adventure “Troll,” which was viewed 103 million times in its first 91 days.

During the week of Jan. 8 to the 14, “Society of the Snow” achieved 28.1 million views, a jump from the 22.9 million views it saw during its first week. As “Society of the Snow” still has 80 more days during which its viewership will be monitored, it’s likely the title will climb even higher on the Most Popular Non-English Films list.

No other title on the global non-English list came close to “Society of the Snow” for the week. The Swedish dramedy “Thank You, I’m Sorry” came in second place with 3.5 million views. That was then followed by the Portuguese comedy “A Vampire in the Family” (3.3 million views), the Tamil-language “Annapoorni” (3.1 million views) and the Taiwanese crime thriller “The Abandoned” (2.5 million views).

“Annapoorni” being included in this global roundup is especially interesting. Two weeks after the Indian movie hit Netflix, it was removed from the streamer. The removal came after activist Ramesh Solanki, a self-described “very proud Hindu Indian nationalist,” filed a complaint against the film.

Though “Society of the Snow” made Netflix history, it wasn’t the most-watched title of the week. That honor went to Kevin Hart and Úrsula Corberó’s action-comedy “Lift,” which was viewed 32.8 million times.

The rest of the English-language top six films were dominated by library titles. Second and third place were occupied by the action thrillers “Transporter 2” (5.8 million views) and “The Equalizer 3” (5.7 million views), respectively. Beloved rom-com “The Proposal” then came in fourth place with 4.9 million views and was followed by “Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club” (4.6 million views) and “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” (4.6 million views).

The second most-watched title of the week appeared on the English-language TV list. The U.K. adaptation of Harlan Coben’s crime thriller “Fool me Once” ranked No. 1 for the second week in a row, securing 23.9 million views this week.

That was followed by Season 1 of Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu’s dark comedy “The Brothers Sun” (6.9 million views), the limited docuseries “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich” (4 million views), the reality docuseries “You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment” (3.9 million views) and the Australian coming-of-age limited series “Boy Swallows Universe” (3.6 million views).

Finally, the “Money Heist” prequel series “Berlin” spent its third week atop the global non-English TV list, bringing in 8.7 million views. That was followed by the Polish mystery adaptation “Detective Forst” (4.8 million views), the South Korean romance “My Demon” (2.7 million views), the South Korean horror thriller “Gyeongseong Creature” (2.6 million views) and the Mexican comedy “The Manny,” which secured fifth place with 2.4 million views.


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