‘Solar Opposites’ Is Still Silly With Dan Stevens Replacing Justin Roiland (Video)

Roiland, who previously voiced Korvo, was removed from the series in January after being accused of domestic violence

“Solar Opposites” may feature a new voice in its core lineup, but it’s just as ridiculous as ever. The Season 4 trailer teases more of the shenanigans the series is known for, this time with Dan Stevens replacing Justin Roiland as the voice of Korvo. The animated comedy returns Aug. 14.

After briefly addressing Korvo being hit with a “voice fixing ray,” the trailer skips along to business as usual for Hulu’s animated comedy. Terry (Thomas Middleditch) and Korvo (Stevens) almost kill their baby-like charge, the Pupa, by leaving him in a hot car. Jesse (Mary Mack) adds more shrunken humans to her wall collection. Terry turns into a human, complete with a butthole. If all of this sounds insane, that’s the vibe.

In January, 20th Century Animation and Hulu Originals confirmed Justin Roiland would be removed from “Solar Opposites” and “Koala Man” and that both series would continue without his involvement. This breakup with the comedy’s co-creator and principal voice actor came about after NBC News reported Roiland had been arrested and charged with felony domestic battery and false imprisonment in 2020.

Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” was the first show to dismiss Roiland. It was later reported that Roiland was less involved in later seasons and that the series had been primarily run by its co-creator, Dan Harmon, for years. Roiland’s own video game company,  Squanch Games, also parted ways with him.

The charges against Roiland were later dropped, and the former showrunner said they were filed by an “embittered ex” who was trying to “cancel” him. Yet before that happened, Roiland was at the center of another scandal as many on Twitter accused him of exhibiting predatory behavior toward minors. A “Rick and Morty” writer also accused him of sexual harassment and other uncomfortable behavior in the workplace.

From Season 4 on, “Solar Opposites” will be led by spearheaded co-creator Mike McMahan. The Hulu original has already been renewed through Season 5.