Sony Hack Exposes Celebrity Aliases for Tom Hanks, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and More in Latest Leak

Fake names also used by Jessica Alba, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Tobey Maguire during film shoots to protect privacy are among list revealed

Tom Hanks
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The latest Sony hacking leak disclosed aliases and fake names famous actors and actresses use during film shoots to check into hotels, order car service and more.

In new documents obtained by Fusion, the aliases of actors including Tom Hanks, Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Sarah Michelle Gellar and more were disclosed in a folder containing “publicity bibles” for many of Sony’s projects.

The documents, leaked by the self-proclaimed “Guardians of Peace” hacker group, disclose that Tom Hanks often checks in under “Harry Lauder” or “Johnny Madrid,” while Tobey Maguire goes by “Neil Deep” and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s alias is “Neely O’Hara,” a character from “Valley of the Dolls.”

Other actors’ aliases revealed by the documents include Natalie Portman, who goes by “Lauren Brown,” Jude Law, who goes by “Mr. Perry” and Debra Messing, aka “Ava Harper.”

Still more actors add a personal touch to their aliases. Daniel Craig is often listed under “Olwen Williams,” which Fusion says is an homage to his grandfather, Olwyn Williams, while Clive Owen checks in under “Robert Fenton,” taking his wife Sarah-Jane Fenton’s last name. Taye Diggs goes by his real but lesser known real name, “Scott Diggs,” while Ice Cube does the same, going by his real name “O’Shea Jackson.”

The hack exposed personal information — including salaries and home addresses — of current employees and those who stopped working at Sony as far back as 2000 when the information was leaked to various news outlets and over BitTorrent.

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While North Korea at first would not confirm or deny that it was behind the hacking as retaliation for Sony’s Seth RogenJames Franco comedy “The Interview,” which revolves around an assassination attempt on the country’s leader Kim Jung-un, it then reportedly denied involvement, calling the accusations “another fabrication targeting the country.”

However, a new message posted online Monday demanded that the film be pulled from its scheduled release, which seems to contradict the idea that there is no North Korea link.

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Additionally, earlier reports indicated findings from Sony, the FBI and private security firms turned up evidence that the malware was allegedly created on a machine with Korean language settings, was created during Korea-based hours and shares similarities to previous attacks attributed to North Korea.

The FBI will visit Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Culver City headquarters on Wednesday for employee cybersecurity awareness briefings, and CEO Michael Lynton has also scheduled an “all hands” meeting on Friday to update employees on the latest.