6 Shocking Revelations From ‘Spacey Unmasked’: Accuser Says Actor Masturbated Watching ‘Saving Private Ryan’ War Scene

The two-hour documentary features interviews with Spacey’s brother Randall Fowler, former “House of Cards” staffers and more

"Spacey Unmasked" (Courtesy of ID/Max)
"Spacey Unmasked" (Courtesy of ID/Max)

Investigation Discovery’s newest documentary, “Spacey Unmasked,” details the alleged sexual abuses of longtime Hollywood star Kevin Spacey. The two-hour film features testimonies from Spacey’s brother Randall Fowler, former “House of Cards” staffers and more.

From incidents that allegedly took place on production sets, at industry parties or right inside the London-based Old Vic Theatre, several of Spacey’s alleged victims shared stories of the actor’s misconduct that took place throughout his career. The incidents span from his time in high school to his grand successes such as “American Beauty” and “House of Cards.”

Read ID’s synopsis of the documentary below:

“‘Spacey Unmasked’ chronicles testimony from men in the U.S. and the UKU.K.spanning nearly the entirety of Spacey’s career — from experiences by actors and employees during his tenure at the Old Vic Theatre in London to accounts of behavior on the sets of his television and film projects. The documentary offers emotional insight into these experiences, featuring powerful interviews with men who previously have not gone on the record. Anchored in years of investigative reporting, ‘Spacey Unmasked’ presents a holistic and unflinching portrait of the sexual misconduct allegations that have been leveled against Spacey.”

Kevin Spacey in "mask class" at Juilliard ((Courtesy of ID/Max)
Kevin Spacey in “mask class” at Juilliard ((Courtesy of ID/Max)

In response to the documentary, Spacey said that he hadn’t been provided with sufficient time and detail to respond to the allegations in this film.

“I have consistently denied — and now successfully defended — numerous allegations made both in the U.S. and the U.K., both criminal and civil, and each time have been able to source evidence undermining the allegations and have been believed by a jury of my peers,” his statement reads. It was included in the documentary.

“Spacey Unmasked” is a title that nods at the actor’s favorite acting class, “mask class,” at his alma mater Juilliard. The film premiered Monday 9 p.m. Eastern on ID and will be available to stream on Max.

Here are the six most shocking revelations from the film.

1. Spacey’s brother Randall “Randy” Fowler claims their father, Thomas Fowler, hosted Nazi meetings

Photo of Kevin Spacey with father Thomas Fowler in "Spacey Unmasked" (Courtesy of ID/Max)
Photo of Kevin Spacey with father Thomas Fowler in “Spacey Unmasked” (Courtesy of ID/Max)

The beginning of the documentary starts with the actor’s brother, Randall “Randy” Fowler, providing viewers with an overview of Kevin Spacey’s childhood and upbringing. He said that Spacey “didn’t have a normal childhood” and that acting was his “way to survive in an environment that was not a loving family.

The brother then spotlighted their father, Thomas Fowler, whom Fowler described as an unhappy person, “full of so much hate.” He also revealed that Thomas would host “Nazi meetings” in their family home.

“He blamed the world for all of his problems,” Fowler said. “He said that the Holocaust never happened. He used to have these Nazi meetings at the house. In my father’s office, he used to have a big Nazi flag hanging up on the wall. My father had a riding crop, and he used to beat the s–t out of me. Looking at it from my brother’s perspective, all he saw was Randy got into trouble a lot and he would just split. I never saw my father ever lay a hand on my brother, ever.”

2. Kevin Spacey masturbated watching “Saving Private Ryan” war scene

"Saving Private Ryan" (Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures)
“Saving Private Ryan” (Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures)

Throughout the two-hour doc, Spacey’s alleged victims shared several instances of the inappropriate sexual behavior they experienced from the actor. Scott, one of Spacey’s accusers and an aspiring actor at the time, said the two initially met at the Viper Room during the ’90s.

That’s where Scott claimed Spacey turned a request for a hug into alleged sexual assault by “humping” him during their embrace. Following the incident, Spacey called him and offered to “get together” so he could get Scott’s headshots and resume together. Scott agreed to meet up, and it led to a trip to the movie theater to see “Saving Private Ryan,” which Scott had worked on.

The first 20 minutes of the film features an extremely graphic war scene. While watching it, Scott said, he noticed a lot “activity” coming from Spacey’s seat. He realized Spacey was “pleasuring himself.”

“Some of the most horrific war footage ever recreated,” Scott said. “Like, there’s no way that this is happening. That this guy is rubbing one out during the invasion of Normandie,” Scott said, referring to Spacey masturbating. “And finally, he reaches over and grabs my hand and tries to get me to help out. I was, like, ‘No, this is crazy.’”

3. Accusers say Kevin Spacey had an attraction to straight men who served in the military

Kevin Spacey and U.S. Marine Corps logo (Getty Images)
Kevin Spacey and U.S. Marine Corps logo (Getty Images)

As accusers broke down their experiences with the multiple award-winning actor, often describing him as aloof with “cold” eyes, two of them pointed out that they felt Spacey had an attraction for straight men and men who served in the military, specifically Marines.

“It’s one thing to be like, ‘Don’t tell anybody.’ It’s another thing to be like, ‘I’m not gay,’” Spacey accuser Jesse, who met the actor on the set of 1999’s “The Big Kahuna,” said. “And so I guess that maybe made me feel bad for him. It’s like, ‘Wow, man, you don’t know yourself and you can’t be yourself, and that sucks.’”

During the documentary, Jesse — who shared that he has always been only attracted to women — said that he often would give Spacey sexual favors in hopes of furthering his career. However, when Jesse told Spacey he wanted to end the “booty calls” because he’s not gay, Jesse said Spacey was in denial. Spacey said he merely needed a “friend.”

“It’s a part of him that he doesn’t like,” Scott said, who added that Spacey told him his Marine background is why Spacey found him “attractive.”

In another section of the doc, actor Travis Aaron Wade detailed more of Spacey’s sexual admiration of Marines. At the time, Wade was looking for a mentor in Spacey after they’d met on the Golden Globes red carpet in 2000, following Spacey’s acclaimed performance in “American Beauty.” After the two clicked during a marijuana smoke session at the awards, Spacey invited Travis to a party and told him to be there at midnight. When Wade arrived, no one was there but Spacey, wearing a robe.

“‘I’m not gay — I’ve never been with a man.’ He goes, ‘Even better.’ He goes, ‘Oh, darling, there’s nothing like flipping. There’s nothing like flipping a U.S. Marine who looks like you. Come on, take your shirt off,’” Wade related. “And I was like, ‘Oh boy.’ There wasn’t a fear that I was physically going to be raped. It was more of a fear that if I don’t leave here in a good light, this could cost me my career. He put his arm against the door, and he locked it. And in that moment I knew I was in a ‘sell your soul’ situation. Because this was something that I did not want to do, but it was something that I was considering doing because of something that I wanted.”

After an attempt to remove him from his space, Wade eventually pushed Spacey off him.

“I grabbed his face and I planted the biggest f–king kiss right on his f–king lips. Not tongue, not making out, and I pushed his head back and I went, ‘I’m leaving,’” Wade said, adding that he called his mother immediately after the incident.

4. Kevin Spacey allegedly took advantage of Old Vic Theatre staffers, performers and workshop participants

Kevin Spacey at Old Vc Theater event (Getty Images)
Kevin Spacey at an Old Vic Theatre event (Getty Images)

In 2003, Spacey was appointed the new artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre Company. As part of that, he would attend performances at the venue and often hosted “workshops” for rising actors who were between the ages of 18 and 26. During his reign, workshop participants accused Spacey of being flirty with attendees.

An Old Vic worker named Danny claimed the actor sexually assaulted him. While a pantomime production of “Cinderella” was underway, Danny was working the stalls and checking who was entering them. All of the sudden, Danny said, Spacey squeezed through a gap that was near where the usher would sit in the back of the theater and began pressing himself against Danny.

“This was someone I had tremendous respect for, and he was pushing his groin on my face during, whilst I was working, whilst the pantomime was going on with family and children. And I could smell him. I could feel him getting pleasured by it. I froze, in a way, I couldn’t move,” Danny said. “I started to get scared of coming to work.”

Ruari Cannon accused Spacey, in another instance, of sexually assaulting him at a press night event for the opening of the Old Vic’s “Sweet Bird of the Youth.” Cannon approached Spacey at the party to thank him for gifting him with the original poster of “Sweet Bird.”

“He pulled me in very close with his right hand and sort of turned me 45 degrees,” Cannon explained. “Now, I don’t know that that was to hide from cameras, but I can only assume that that’s what he was trying to do. And he put his left hand down by my bum and he stuck his middle finger as far up me as possible. I was wearing a suit so he took up the recess material and just tried to go up through my boxers, up inside me. I just  totally froze. He pulled me in closer, in my ear he whispered, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ He did that and then he just, like a shark, moved straight through and moved into Kevin mode at press night, so went and took pictures.”

5. Randall “Randy” Fowler says their father sexually abused him as a child

Randall "Randy" Fowler in "Spacey Unmasked" (Courtesy of ID/Max)
Randall “Randy” Fowler in “Spacey Unmasked” (Courtesy of ID/Max)

The documentary went back to follow up with Spacey’s brother Randall, who revealed Spacey’s father repeatedly sexually abused him throughout his childhood.

“In 1969, it was summer. That’s when it all started. My father took me up to the master bedroom and raped me, he sodomized me, he gave me oral sex,” Fowler said. “I was screaming for my mother, and my mother came upstairs and the bedroom door was locked. She goes, ‘What’s going on in there?’ My mother’s banging on the door and my father put his arm up against my neck, threw me against the wall and said, ‘Don’t say a word.’ Then all of a sudden there was silence and she just walked away. I was only 13, 14 years old. This kind of nonsense went on for years.”

In 1971, Fowler said, he put the abuse to an end when he threatened to tell his mother.

6. Kevin Spacey’s inappropriate behavior was allegedly “known” on “House of Cards” set

"House of Cards" (Netflix)
“House of Cards” (Netflix)

In the very beginning of the documentary, Spacey accuser Daniel shared that the actor took advantage of him after the two finished a scene on the hit Netflix political series “House of Cards.”

“We do this little U-turn, and we’re on the other side of the set. It’s just me and him,” Daniel explained. “I leaned in, ’cause he was saying something to me, and I felt something, like, something tickle me, like right below my zipper. I was like, ‘What?’ I look down and I see it’s his finger. Yeah, no, his hand touched my penis. It wasn’t like us playing around in the locker room, a little joke or little tap, it was sexual. I was touched. I was inappropriately touched on set at work.”

Daniel’s experience wasn’t anything surprising for the cast and crew on set, as Evelyn — a production assistant who worked closely with Spacey — said the actor’s behavior was “known” on set and is one of the reasons why more women were hired, serving as a way to shield male workers from having to interact with Spacey.

“I would often see him walk up to performers, walk up to background actors we had on set, and he would kind of get very close and clearly be engaging with them,” Evelyn said, who added that production would discuss Spacey’s behavior in “code.” “I would see him put his hand on an arm and talk about their muscles. There would be that kind of grabby flirtatiousness would happen if he felt like he could get away with it. There were crew members who he made to feel very uncomfortable.”


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