How ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Creator Went Full Geek: ‘The Whole Show Is Made of Easter Eggs!’

New Paramount+ series is ”the show I always wanted to see,“ Oscar-winning writer Akiva Goldsman tells TheWrap

There have been nearly a dozen Star Trek TV shows over the past half century. But none of them, in this lifelong Trekkie’s opinion, have explored the universe quite so boldly or nearly so enchantingly as the original 1966-69 NBC series, no matter how cheesy its plywood sets and Styrofoam space boulders now seem. 

The thrilling whoosh of the Enterprise as it zipped past blurry, out-of-focus planets in the opening credits. The giddy joy of watching Captain James T. Kirk swagger through the cosmos, bagging alien babes in tin-foil bikinis and outwitting evil brain creatures glowing and throbbing in what looked like a delicatessen dairy case. And who could forget that spine-tingling moment in season three’s “The Changling” episode, when Mr. Spock helped save the ship by mind-melding with a super-intelligent espresso maker?

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