Stephen Colbert Turns 60 and Says His Birthday Wish Came True: ‘Donald Trump Is Still on Trial’ | Video 

“The Late Show” host jokes that this weekend’s incredible northern lights display was because “God was on shrooms”

On Monday night’s “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert celebrated his 60th birthday, a milestone he noted means he’s “the same age that Ian McKellen was when he was cast as Gandalf.”

Colbert also joked that his birthday wish came true — “Donald Trump is still on trial.” You can watch the whole monologue above.

“We’re here for a very special show because tonight is my 60th birthday,” Colbert said. “Fun fact, I am now the same age that Ian McKellen was when he was cast as Gandalf. And I feel fine about that. He was Gandalf the Grey. I am Steven the very white.”

Colbert then brought up the spectacular aurora borealis from over the weekend, joking that it happened “in honor of my birthday.”

“This extra vivid display was caused by a massive solar storm in which large explosive bursts from the sun started slamming into Earth. Or to put that in layman’s terms, God was on shrooms and was hankering for a little laser Zeppelin,” he continued. “The light was so bright they can be seen as far south as Florida, where Governor DeSantis immediately banned the sky for displaying a pride flag.”

“I also got my birthday wish,” Colbert added. “Donald Trump is still on trial this week.” The CBS host also noted how Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen testified in the ongoing criminal fraud trial earlier that day, and that his “testimony is essential to proving the prosecution’s case because he served as the middleman in the alleged $130,000 hush money payment to stormy Daniels.”

“You never want to be the middleman between your boss and a porn star. Sure it sounds titillating when they ask, but eventually it’s just a tangle of limbs and you’re just kind of watching. But there’s a challenge for the prosecution. Cohen’s been attacking his former boss online, posting insulting TikTok live streams where he has discussed Trump, the ongoing trial and the testimony already underway,” Colbert said. “Which is not great, but it’s not the worst online behavior by a former Trump associate. That title goes to Steve Bannon, on OnlyFans now.”


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