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Colbert Rips Off Kimmel’s ‘Mean Tweets’ After ABC Host Also Gets COVID Again: ‘That’s Kind of My Thing’ (Video)

Colbert was first to get COVID twice …

Not long after Stephen Colbert returned to “The Late Show” from his second bout with COVID, his fellow late night host across the networks, Jimmy Kimmel, did the same. So, during his monologue on his CBS show Thursday night, Colbert decided to turn it into a joke that allowed him to borrow for a night the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” staple “Mean Tweets.”

“COVID has also — it’s also rising out on the West Coast. Case in point, my dear friend and fellow late night host Jimmy Kimmel has tested positive for COVID once again. We wish him a speedy recovery, but I do want to point out, getting COVID twice is kind of my thing. If you’re gonna steal my bit, Jimmy, I have no choice but to steal one of yours too,” Colbert began, showing a headline from TheWrap.

Colbert then launched into his own version of the segment, which instead of seeing him read mean tweets about himself, which is the joke in that bit, he read them about Kimmel.

“Here we go, ‘Get better Kimmel, ’cause you can’t get worse,'” Colbert read to laughs.

He continued: “‘It’s hard to tell if Kimmel got COVID from a staff member or a family member, because most of his staff are family members.'”

And there were more. You can watch Colbert do his own “Mean Tweets” at around the 8 minute mark in the video below.

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