Colbert Notes That George Santos Isn’t Just ‘Jew-ish,’ He’s Also ‘Antisemit-ish’ (Video)

Colbert also dings New York Democrats for failing to expose Santos despite all the publicly available evidence

On Wednesday’s “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert once again spent a lot of time talking about George Santos, the New York Republican who managed to lie his way to the House of Representatives last year.

Colbert was particularly impressed with the latest revelations about Santos, including some really, uh, not good comments he’s made about Jewish people. Readers will remember Santos claimed to be Jewish up until recently. Once he was exposed as a liar on that front, he attempted to claim that was he actually said is that he is “Jew-ish.”

Taking all the comments Santos has said about his “Judaism” in, Colbert joked that the congressman isn’t just a liar, he’s also “antisemit-ish.”

But Colbert didn’t just have it in for Santos. He also mocked New York Democrats at large for apparently sleeping on a mountain of easy-to-find evidence about Santos, joking “did the DCCC lose WiFi for a year?”

What prompted Colbert’s latest remarks was an interview Santos’ former roommate gave to CNN’s Anderson Cooper where, among other things, he confirmed that Santos had multiple aliases and that he’d stolen clothing from him — which he then wore at a rally in support of Donald Trump’s false claims about the 2020 election held just before the Jan. 6 attacks.

Colbert showed several excerpts from the interview, including one where the former roommate noted that he had assumed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, or “at least his opponent,” would have been able to uncover all of Santos’ deceptions.

“That’s a good point,” Colbert said. “All of this info was online. Did the DCCC lose WiFi for a year and have to go analogue?”

Colbert them mimed someone looking for hard copy in an old fashioned way. “Hmm, nothing about George Santos in the Britannica, let’s check the ‘Farmer’s Almanac.’”

Colbert continued, ragging on the aliases Santos’ former roommate said he used when they lived together — Anthony Devolder and Anthony Zebrosky. Then he reminded audiences of the whole “Jew-ish” thing by playing a clip of Santos’ flop sweat-soaked interview with Tulsi Gabbard where he repeated the claim.

This led to Colbert playing a clip of the Anderson Cooper interview where Santos’ ex-roommate claimed Santos used the name “Anthony Zebrosky” while running a scam charity, because the name sounded Jewish. Santos, according to the former roommate, said, “Oh well, that Jew will give more if you’re a Jew.”

“So,” Colbert responded. “Not only is he a liar. He’s antisemit-ish.”

And yes, Colbert talked about the charity, too. Apparently, Santos scammed $3,000 from a GoFundMe he set up, purportedly to raise money for a homeless veteran with a sick dog. Spoiler: Santos never gave the money he raised to the man, who ultimately couldn’t even afford to pay to have his dog euthanized. That subject led Colbert to note how Republicans have punished Santos for his lies and alleged crimes — by giving him plush committee seats in the House of Representatives.

You can watch the whole “Late Show” monologue above now.