Stephen Colbert Mocks Rick Perry’s Obama-Importing-Immigrants Conspiracy (Video)

Tucker Carlson says the White House may see immigrant children as “potential voters”

Stephen Colbert says Texas Gov. Rick Perry has overreached with a claim that the Obama administration may be secretly helping tens of thousands of immigrants across the U.S. border.

As Colbert noted, 47,000 migrant children have entered the U.S. and been captured since October. Most are from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

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And Perry thinks they may have had help.

“We either have an incredibly inept administration or they’re in on this somehow or another,” Perry said. “I hate to be conspiratorial, but I mean, how do you move that many people from Central America across Mexico and then into the United States without there being a fairly coordinated effort?”

Colbert noted: “These kids say they’re coming here to escape poverty and violence. But my conservative colleagues and I know the more likely explanation is the one we like more.”

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He explained Perry’s theory with the same level of detail that Perry did: “I hate to be conspiratorial too, but think about it: thousands of kids streaming up from Central America across our border — Obama. It makes perfect sense.”

He added: “Need more proof? I’m out.”

Commentator Tucker Carlson, meanwhile, has said some politicians — including in the White House — see immigrants as “potential voters.”

That makes sense, Colbert explained: All Obama would need to do is wait for kids to grow up, win them the right to vote, and run for office again sometime around 2024.

Watch the video: