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Stephen Colbert Presses ‘Six Californias’ Architect: Let’s Replace the Melting Pot With Tupperware

Colbert presses Timothy Draper on plan to divide the Golden State

Stephen Colbert pressed Timothy Draper, the man behind the “Six Californias” plan, on whether his idea for carving up the Golden State would replace the melting pot with Tupperware.

Draper said six separate governments could better provide education and help residents escape poverty. Critics say the plan would shield Silicon Valley billionaires from paying taxes to help poorer Californians.

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“I’m tired of the whole idea of a melting pot America,” Colbert said on “The Colbert Report” on Wednesday. “I believe a  metaphor you’re going for is one of those Tupperware things where you get to seal off every container and everyone’s interests stay fresh.”

As Colbert picked apart the plan, Draper, a venture capitalist, laughed along, declining a rebuttal. Colbert noted that Draper has made the six states idea a ballot initiative, and asked if the new states would continue that system.

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“Do you think these other states will keep California’s insane proposition system where anybody can get something on the ballot?” he said.

Draper promised the ballot initiative system would go away. He also said he didn’t plan to seek office in any of his new states.

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“You’re just going to set the charges, blow it apart and say not my f—in problem,” Colbert said.

Colbert defended the Golden State as currently constituted a day after announcing he wouldn’t move there: When he moves to CBS’s “Late Show” next year, he will keep it in New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater.

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