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Stern Plans to Bring Leno-Bashing to ‘Early Show’

Shock jock scheduled to appear on CBS morning show next week

Howard Stern may finally get to tell Americans without Sirius how he feels about Jay Leno.

Stern, who said he turned down an opportunity to appear on the last week of Conan O’Brien’s "Tonight Show" because of a fear of flying, told his satellite radio listeners on Wednesday that he has agreed to appear on CBS’ "Early Show" next week, where he will voice his opinions on NBC’s late night

"I am the only —hole that’s willing to talk about Jay Leno," Stern said. "Everyone else is so afraid." Letterman, he added, is "still his guy."

Stern said the interview will be broadcast simultaneously on his radio show.

Earlier this week, Stern told listeners he did not initiate talks with "American Idol" to increase leverage when Stern and Sirius eventually meet at the negotiating table later this year. It wasn’t "a ploy," Stern said.

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