‘Succession’ Star Sarah Snook Says Every Day of Filming Was ‘Like A Pinch Me Moment’ (Video)

The actress said the HBO drama finale’s “meal fit for a king” sequence was “really fun” to shoot but that she became “really sad” after production wrapped

“Succession” star Sarah Snook said that every day working on the popular HBO drama series felt like a “pinch me moment.”

“Is this my job? Do I have to commute by boat to a super yacht for work? It’s bad, it’s very, very bad,” the actress said during a behind-the-scenes featurette you can watch above. “The last couple of episodes in Season 2 when we’re on the boat in Croatia, that was like ‘I’m getting paid for this? Oh, OK.’”

She noted that the final scene shot – the “meal fit for a king” sequence – was a “playful, joyful, silly kind of experience.”

“It was really fun but once we finished that, the kind of reality hit and I got pretty sad again,” Snook added.

Brian Cox said the diner scene between Colin and Logan in Season 4 was a “lovely scene” to film.

“It’s an acknowledgement of a character who’s just been a constant throughout the whole show,” Cox said. “We realize this man has been his true pal. Nobody else is, everybody’s after something and he’s not. And that’s something that really touches Logan’s heart.”

Nicholas Braun said that the scene in Norway in which Tom asks Greg to be his punching bag and the latter refuses was “so f–king funny.”

“It was a nice moment to be Greg and be like, ‘No, Tom’ and do it in front of what might be the most powerful man in the world,” Braun said.

J. Smith-Cameron recalled that “everyone was so sad” when filming wrapped.

“There was a point where everyone started sobbing,” she said. “It’s a great, great group of people.”

Alan Ruck added that the cast and crew formed a “cluster hug.”

“It’s like the price of admission,” he said. “You’re gonna develop relationships with people and you form a little family and then you have to say goodbye.”

The cast also praised the fans for their support.

“Without the fans, we couldn’t do what we’re doing,” Cox said. “The fans have created the momentum of the show. They’ve allowed the momentum of the show and its affected them and it’s amazing.”

Watch the full video above.