How Much Would a 5th Season of ‘Succession’ Be Worth? | Charts

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A hypothetical continuation of the Roy family’s story could boost Warner Bros. Discovery’s revenue by $237 million

Tom and Shiv close out "Succession"
Tom and Shiv close out the final scene of "Succession." (HBO)

Did HBO end “Succession” too soon?

If the network’s bean-counters had any say, they might have kept it going, though it wasn’t up to them: Show creator Jeremy Armstrong had already made it clear that the show’s fourth season would be its last.

But the hypothetical notion of following the Roy family’s saga into the future is compelling, if only because a detailed analysis of demand for the show reveals the financial contribution that a hit show can make in the age of streaming.

There was strong momentum going into the series finale of “Succession” last month. The penultimate episode had driven a record level of demand for the show, peaking at 70 times the demand for the average series.