At Sundance, Indie Film Struggles to Find a Working Business Model 

The word all across the festival was that streamers are less interested in independent film than a few years ago

Napoleon Dynamite Anniversary Flash Mob at Sundance 2024
Napoleon Dynamite Anniversary Flash Mob at Sundance 2024 (Getty Images)

At an early morning breakfast at an elegant private Park City home above Main Street at the Sundance Film Festival, a group of business leaders, film devotees, producers and media executives gathered to ponder the broken state of independent film. 

Ideas were floated over eggs and fruit with shaved gold leaf — from building micro-communities for paid content, to enticing brands to invest more, to pressuring billionaires to pour more of their capital into indie film.

Ultimately, the group reached conclusions similar to those gathering down the hill: The business model for independent film isn’t working at the moment. 

The why is pretty clear.


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