‘Survivor’ Season 46 Episode Release Schedule: When Do New Episodes Air?

Jeff Probst returns to host the CBS show’s latest installment as 18 castaways compete for the $1 million prize

"Survivor" Season 45 (Robert Voets/CBS)

“Survivor” is back and better than ever for its 46th installment.

18 castaways will be stranded on the islands of Fiji and forced to form a new society as they adapt to their new physical and social surroundings as they vie for the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million prize. Jeff Probst returns to host the new season, as the castaways are divided into three tribes of six and challenged to undergo mental, physical and moral dilemmas.

The supersized premiere episode will follow three castaways as they track down essential camp supplies and go on a journey away from their new tribes.

For more details on the “Survivor” release schedule, see below:

When does Season 46 premiere?

“Survivor” Season 46 premieres on Wednesday, Feb. 28, with a two-hour episode beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Where is “Survivor” Season 46 streaming?

New episodes of “Survivor” are available to stream live and on demand for Paramount+ with Showtime subscribers. They will also be available on demand for Paramount+ Essential subscribers the day after the episode airs.

Will all the episodes be 2 hours long?

The first two episodes of the season will consist of two hours. The two-hour Feb. 28 episode will be followed by a tw0-hour second episode on Wednesday, March 6, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. 90-minute episodes will follow for the rest of the season.

Episode release schedule so far:

  • Season 46 Episode 1: “This Is Where Legends Are Made” – Wednesday, Feb. 28
  • Season 46 Episode 2: Wednesday, March 6
  • Season 46 Episode 3: Wednesday, March 13

Who is in the “Survivor” Season 46 Cast?

This season features 18 castaways from across the country and globe, with a number of various careers, including a software engineer, artist, actor, law student, real estate agent and science teacher.

For the full breakdown of this season’s castaways, check out our contestant guide.


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