Sylvester Stallone Reveals 7th Back Surgery, Says He Was ‘Never Physically the Same’ After ‘The Expendables’ Injury

The beloved actor documented the procedure in Season 2 of “The Family Stallone,” out Wednesday

Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross in "Expend4bles." (Lionsgate)
"Expend4bles" (Credit: Lionsgate)

It’s been 14 years since Sylvester Stallone directed, cowrote and starred in “The Expendables,” but he’s still feeling the movie’s impact in 2024.

That’s because the Golden Globe-winning actor just revealed he has undergone seven back surgeries after injuring himself in a bodyslam stunt while filming the 2010 film.

In Season 2 of his Paramount+ docuseries “The Family Stallone,” which dropped Wednesday, the titular star said his injuries arose from a stunt with WWE icon and fellow actor Steve Austin in a brawl scene.

“Like an idiot, I’m doing take 10, take whatever, and I remember one slam and I could actually feel one bang,” Stallone said. “I never recovered from [‘The Expendables’]. After that film, it was never physically the same.”

The “Rocky” actor has since undergone spinal fusions and even had a metal plate inserted into his neck. Stallone now warns people, “Don’t do your own stunts.”

“There’s something romantic about doing your own stunts,” he noted. “There’s something very unromantic after doing your own stunts.”

Elsewhere in the new episode, Stallone’s wife Jennifer Flavin shared how the famous family has dealt with his numerous procedures.

“Sly tries to mask the pain, pretend like it didn’t happen. He doesn’t like people to know he’s had so many back surgeries,” she said. “It’s very scary for our family every time Sly has to go through surgery, because you never know … no one knows.”

Daughter Sistine echoed her mother’s sentiments. “It’s really hard to see my father go through yet another painful operation,” she added. “My whole childhood, he was in pain. He did everything he could to push through the pain and be present, but I couldn’t imagine every waking moment you are just hurting.”

“I hope this is the one to help him live a more comfortable life,” Flavin concluded.

Despite his injury, Stallone went on to star in three more films in the “Expendables” action franchise, as recently as 2023’s “Expend4bles.”

Both seasons of “The Family Stallone” are now available to stream on Paramount+.


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