Tamron Hall Teases Her ‘As the Wicked Watch’ TV Adaptation: ‘We’re Gonna Have You Hooked’

The Emmy-winning talk show host tells TheWrap about “working on an epic partnership with a writer who is just phenomenal”

Tamron Hall (Getty Images)
Tamron Hall (Getty Images)

Journalist and talk show host Tamron Hall is officially in the writing process for the TV adaptation of her mystery crime-thriller series, “As the Wicked Watch.” The books follow a reporter as she tries to crack the case behind the mysterious deaths of two young Black women who were murdered by a serial killer in Chicago.

“It is off and running. I wish I could tell you more, but wow. I am blown away by where we are,” Hall told TheWrap, adding that she’s also building out her writers’ room. “We’re working on an epic partnership with a writer who is just phenomenal … you will know the writer’s work.”

The “Tamron Hall” star explained that the most important attribute for someone joining her creative team is to thoroughly understand the series’ lead character Jordan Manning, as well as the crime genre in general.

“We are along in the process and building this team of people who get Jordan, who get the crime story lens. I think that is so important, having reported for 30 years and had ‘Deadline: Crime’ for six seasons, it was important that we have a team of people who get why these stories and these shows are a must-watch,” Hall said.

The latest update for the television show comes just weeks after the second book in the series, “Watch Where They Hide,” dropped in March. The award-winning journalist, who was just nominated for three Emmys for her beloved talk show, is confident audiences will fall in love with the finished product.

“I know we’ll bring Jordan Manning to the world in the way that I envisioned. So I’m very, very excited for that,” Hall said. “Nobody’s phoning this in. We’re gonna have you hooked.”

Hall also opened up about being slightly terrified of one of her upcoming talk show guests, Luke James.

“I just watched his performance in ‘THEM: The Scare.’ I may never look at Luke James again. I am terrified of him now,” she said. “His performance — I knew he was coming on show and the cast of ‘The Chi,’ and I love that show. It’s a phenomenal show. The writing, everything they’ve done. And I lived in Chicago, so the show has a deep spot in my heart. But I’ve made the mistake of watching ‘THEM’ and binging it. I am now terrified of Luke walking through the doors. I may run, and I don’t think any human has ever ran from Luke James.”

“The Tamron Hall Show” is currently airing its fifth season, and was recently picked up for a sixth. It is distributed in national syndication by Disney Entertainment, broadcast from New York City and executive produced by Hall and Quiana Burns.

The ABC-owned stations carrying “Tamron Hall” include WABC-TV New York, KABC-TV Los Angeles, WLS-TV Chicago, WPVI-TV Philadelphia, KGO-TV San Francisco, KTRK-TV Houston, WTVD-TV Raleigh-Durham and KFSN-TV Fresno. Check here for weekday times and channels.


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