Taylor Swift Accidentally Swallowed a Bug in the Middle of a Concert – Watch It Now (Video)

“That was delicious,” the Grammy-winner joked

Grammy-winning artist Taylor Swift swallowed a bug midway through her “Eras” tour performance at Soldier Field in Chicago on Sunday. But Swift, a seasoned stage performer and consummate professional, was hardly shook. She quickly rattled off a few jokes about the incident, and much like she did to that bug, the crowd ate it up. (We did too, to be clear.)

“That was delicious,” Swift joked as her audience erupted in laughter. Check out the full clip at the top of the page (video from Midwest Concert Collection on YouTube). 

Swift was trying to introduce her new piano player, Karina DePiano, when the pesky insect somehow made its way into the pop star’s mouth. 

“I swallowed a bug,” she confessed as she turned back to the crowd after a long pause. “I’m so sorry. It’s totally fine. It’s just stupid.” 

Don’t be embarrassed, Taylor. Musicians have been accidentally eating animals on stage for years. 

“Is there any chance none of you saw that?” she asked. 

Swift feared it wouldn’t be the only bug to attack. 

“This is going to happen again tonight,” She predicted. “There’s so many bugs. There’s 1,000 of them.”

She shook it off, introduced her pianist and continued with her show.

Last week, Swift added eight new shows to her ongoing tour, with pop artist Sabrina Carpenter joining her for new dates in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. The “Eras” tour is on pace to become one of the highest-grossing tours of all time, with Forbes estimating in April that it could net Swift up to $1.5 billion. It’s safe to say she can afford some bug spray.