Taylor Swift Gets Whimsical in ‘Lavender Haze’ Music Video (Watch)

This third “Midnights” music video joins those of “Anti-Hero” and “Bejewled”

Taylor Swift in the "Lavender Haze" music video
Taylor Swift Official YouTube

Taylor Swift dropped the third music video around her latest album “Midnights” Thursday night for the leading track “Lavender Haze.”

The songstress posted on Instagram Thursday to warn her fans of the drop, encouraging them to “meet her at midnight,” which are the lyrics that kick off the song.

The video, written and directed by Swift, starts off with the singer in bed, her alarm clock striking midnight. The camera pans to a panel with the word “Mastermind” on it. A man (Laith Ashley De La Cruz) lays asleep beside her as she sits up, restless in the night. A raincloud hovers above her head with the lyric “And you don’t really read into my melancholia.”

Swift traces the man’s bare back, revealing constellations, and then she gets out of bed to dance in a haze of smoke. At one point she blows a smoke ring in the shape of a clock. More shots cut between her in purple water, cuddling with that same man at a part and Swift alone in her house watching koi fish swim in the galactic sky that resembles outer space.

At points, she crawls through wildflowers blooming on her floor. At the end of the video, Swift goes back to bed in a fluffy cloud surrounded by flying koi fish, which fans have connected to a certain guitar she had on the “Speak Now” tour.

Swift has released a music video for “Anti-Hero,” the same night she dropped the “Midnights” album. The video features various iterations of the singer scolding parts of herself, acting out her many insecurities. In one scene that called attention to her past history of body image issues and a potential eating disorder, Swift steps on a scale that reads “Fat.” Several critics claimed that this part of the video came off as fatphobic.

Then came the video for “Bejewled,” which featured appearances from Oscar-winner Laura Dern, all three members of the band HAIM and Jack Antonoff, who has collaborated with Taylor on several of her albums. Swift hangs out with the Haim sisters a lot as well. The “Bejewled” video contained several easter egg references that kept fans on their toes, guessing that another re-recorded album might be on the way due to uses of the color purple and the instrumentall versions of “Enchanted” and “Long Live” that open and close the video. Both of those songs are on Swift’s “Speak Now” album.

The “Eras” tour, announced in November 2022, kicks of March 17 in Arizona with a total of 52 dates at major stadiums across the United States.