What Convinced Marc Maron and Craig Robinson to Star in ‘The Bad Guys’

Plus, Zazie Beetz admits she has a crush on her character in the DreamWorks Animation film

Now playing exclusively in theaters is “The Bad Guys,” a new DreamWorks Animation film from Universal Pictures that boasts a unique animation style, thrilling heist story and Marc Maron voicing a wolf.

What convinced the WTF podcast host to sign onto his first major animated film? “The appeal was that they wanted me, specifically, and that it was about eight minutes from my house,” Maron joked when TheWrap recently spoke with him and other cast members during the film’s press day.

On a more serious note, Maron was drawn to the story and character. “I liked the movie, it seemed exciting, it seemed like it would get made.” For Craig Robinson, who voices Mr. Shark, he felt like it was “a dream” when he was brought into DreamWorks Animation and pitched the idea of the movie and his character.

Based on the book series by Australian author Aaron Blabey, “The Bad Guys” follows a group of animal criminals – Mr. Wolf aka the Big Bad Wolf (Sam Rockwell), Mr. Snake (Maron), Ms. Tarantula (Awkwafina), Mr. Shark (Robinson) and Mr. Piranha (Anthony Ramos) — as they try to turn the corner and become (gasp!) good guys.

In the video above, you can watch as Maron, Robinson, Anthony Ramos, Zazie Beetz and Lily Singh talk about what drew them to the project, the film’s unique animation style, why Beets has a crush on her character and where they think a potential sequel might go if the franchise continues.

“The Bad Guys” is now playing exclusively in theaters.