Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman Looks Pretty Casual in New ‘The Batman’ Image (Photo)

Director Matt Reeves shares Selina Kyle’s Old Navy style with fans

Zoë Kravitz The Dark Knight Rises
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Tomorrow a new trailer for “The Batman” will debut during DC Fandome 2021, but that doesn’t mean fans have to spend the next few hours waiting with nothing to tide them over. The film’s director Matt Reeves is here with a new image of Catwoman herself, Selena Kyle (played in this version by Zoë Kravitz), that answers the question, “does The Gap exist in the DC Extended Universe?” pretty definitively.

The image, which Reeves shared on Twitter and you can see below, isn’t exactly ripped from the comics. It’s just Selina Kyle in civilian clothes (a white tank top) looking pensive. It’s unclear where she is exactly, but those sure are some evocative, moody shadows.

Given how old timey and gothic those shadows and objects in the background look, we can’t help but wonder if she’s at Wayne Manor after (ill-advisably) hooking up with Bruce. (Catman is their ship name by the way, this is non-negotiable.) Or, for all we know, she’s just on her way to CostCo to fill up on Cat-themed supplies and that’s the most comfortable thing she owns. Anything is possible when there’s a new take on Batman coming at us.

Check out the image below:

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As Reeves said on Twitter, see more of her in the new “The Batman” trailer tomorrow. Check back with TheWrap tomorrow morning for our complete coverage of DC Fandome.