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‘The Batman’ Star Paul Dano Explains Unlikely Inception of His Riddler Comic Book Series (Video)

”This is the Riddler speaking,“ the actor and writer says

Earlier this year “The Batman” introduced us to a terrifying new version of classic villain The Riddler. And now the actor that played the character, Paul Dano, is exploring this version of the Riddler’s tragic backstory in a new comic book series – “The Riddler: Year One.” Now, a new video, timed to the release of the first issue, sheds some light on its secret origins (watch below).

“Matt and I talked a lot about his script, which was very fully realized, and where Edward came from,” Dano explains in the video. During these discussions, he brought up a piece of the characters back story, at which point “The Batman” co-writer/director Matt Reeves exclaimed that he should turn it into a comic book. Reeves called DC Comics exec Jim Lee the following day and told him about the project: “Paul has an idea to do this comic and I think he should just do it. It’s a Riddler origin comic from the movie.”

Dano said that the idea to do a Riddler comic and to explore the mythology of Batman really “gripped him.” “The idea was to enter the comic in a really subjective way,” Dano said. “I always felt like the only positive affirmation Edward ever got in his entire life, was from solving riddles and playing games.”

In “The Batman,” Dano’s Riddler is a fully formed super-villain; a serial killer who is murdering prominent members of Gotham society who he feels have corrupted the city in some way. He also ignites an underground group of likeminded individuals to help carry out his big plan, which involves flooding lower Gotham and assassinating the newly elected mayor. Of course, it’s up to Batman (Robert Pattinson) and Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz) to put a stop to his fiendish plot.

Reeves had always described the movie as being Batman’s second year of operation, so what will be interesting is to see and experience his first year on the job through the eyes of a cracked personality like the Riddler.

The first issue of the six-issue limited series (on DC Comics’ more prestigious Black Label) is out now.