‘Daily Show’: Dulcé Sloan Says We Need to ‘Fast Track’ AI Girlfriends to ‘Lonely, Sexless Men Before They Storm the Capitol Again’ | Video

The comedian covered the Forever Voices blackout during her opening monologue

“The Daily Show” correspondent Dulcé Sloan is concerned about what’s going on with artificial intelligence company and “virtual girlfriend” hub Forever Voices.

Thousands of users were unable to access their online girlfriends after the service went offline on Oct. 23. This mass blackout occurred after the company’s CEO John Meyer was taken into custody for allegedly setting boxes on fire in his Austin, Texas, apartment.

“I think we’ve got to do something to fast track AI girlfriends to these lonely sexless men before they storm the capitol again,” Sloan said during a segment with fellow “Daily Show” correspondent Ronny Chieng.

Though Chieng agreed with Sloan, he noted that restarting the service and making new AI girlfriends was “very complicated” because men are “too demanding and insecure.”

“The AI girlfriend has to be smart but not too smart, it has to know everything about Star Wars but still listen to the guy explain Star Wars, it has to be like a dirty slut but also a virgin,” Chieng said. “In programming, we call this the incel paradox.”

Earlier in her monologue, Sloan doubted the legitimacy of the service, noting that the online girlfriends went offline once Meyer was arrested. “Alexa don’t stop when Jeff Bezos takes a nap,” Sloan said. “Makes me think he was the girlfriends the whole time.”

Sloan first became a correspondent for “The Daily Show” in 2017, but Monday night marked only her second time hosting the late night comedy program. The comedian was supposed to host the Comedy Central staple the week of May 1, but because the WGA strike started on May 2, she only hosted one episode.

This week, “The Daily Show” embraces its news team as its latest round of guest hosts. They will be followed by Michelle Wolf, who will host the last week of the series this year.


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  1. Lex bran Avatar
    Lex bran

    AI girlfriends, huh? Maybe they can be programmed to laugh at my jokes! 😂 For more laughs (and actual AI relationship insights), check out aicybering.com. They say love is a complex algorithm, right? 🤖❤️

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