‘The Daily Show’ Guest Host Jordan Klepper Says AR-15s Have Become ‘New MAGA Hat’: ‘A Point of Identity’ (Video)

“You can’t have discussions over who people are,” Klepper told MSNBC host Jen Psaki

Having spent a lot of time at rallies for Donald Trump, “The Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper is pretty familiar with the twice-impeached-and-now-indicted former president’s supporters. So, speaking to MSNBC’s Jen Psaki on Sunday, Klepper pointed out that they have “trickily” turned AR-15s into “a new MAGA hat.”

Ahead of his week of guest hosting “The Daily Show,” Klepper told Psaki that the thing he most often gets asked, based on his experiences in the field, is “can Trump supporters ever change their mind? Can you ever win an argument with a Trump supporter?”

To that, Klepper had a bit of a layered answer.

“You can convince somebody to change ideas. You can have discussions over what people want,” he explained. “You can’t have discussions over who people are. And what Trump has done is he’s made the MAGA hat a symbol of who he is, and who they are. So you put that thing on, you don’t believe in those ideas, you believe this represents you.”

Klepper then noted that he was recently talking to a guns rights advocate, who compared AR-15s — a weapon that has become exceedingly common in mass shootings — to Trump’s blood red MAGA hats.

“What they’ve trickily done is they’ve made the AR-15 a new MAGA hat,” he said. “So you can’t debate whether or not that is something a child should have, because now that’s become a point of pride and a point of identity. And that, that to me is something that is really hard to change.”

You can watch Klepper’s full “Inside With Jen Psaki” interview in the video above.