‘The Daily Show’: Kal Penn Jokes Biden Reversed Course on Oil Because at 80 ‘That’s the Only Kind of Drilling You Can Do’ (Video)

The fun came only a day after their more serious White House sit-down

Kal Penn couldn’t wait to put President Joe Biden on blast a day after their lengthy sit-down aired on “The Daily Show.”

And oh boy, he sure did.

Penn took aim at Biden’s reversal on Alaska oil drilling to kick off the show’s headlines. And as is customary in the Comedy Central series’ segment, the direction veered more toward laughs.

A day after their 18-minute White House conversation, Penn started off with a “big announcement” from Biden, that his Department of the Interior had approved a controversial oil drilling project in Alaska dubbed Willow.

“You remember during the 2020 campaign, Biden said this,” Penn stated, before cutting to video of the president at a campaign event.

“By the way,” Biden said in the video. “No more drilling on federal land — period, period, period.”

“Period! Period! Period!” Penn mocked, thrusting a pointed finger three times as he said it. “Comma!”

But that was only the first of several laughs at Biden’s expense.

Hang tight.

“Because now, Biden has approved a major drilling project on federal land in Alaska, which is disappointing,” continued Penn, who is serving as the latest guest host on “The Daily Show” after Trevor Noah’s departure in December.

“But hey — when you’re that age, that’s the only kind of drilling you can do,” Penn said of the 80-year-old president, drawing a second guffaw.

But Penn assured his audience he was joking, setting up the triple-barrel punchline.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I’m kidding — this guy f—s,” Penn said, with the offending word bleeped as he pointed at an over-the-shoulder graphic of Biden reading, “Biden flip-flops on drilling.”

“The Daily Show” went on to tackle the day’s headlines while Penn wrapped his full take on the Alaskan drilling project, including his thoughts of the installation of a machine called a thermosiphon, which “keeps the permafrost solid enough for drilling — while it simultaneously melts due to global warning.”

Watch the full “Daily Show” segment in the video above.