‘The Daily Show’: Michelle Wolf Says It’s ‘So Easy’ to Figure Out George Santos’ Crimes: ‘It’s Like Doing an Escape Room in a Gazebo’ | Video

The Comedy Central guest host asked Santos to spill on his fellow politicians

Michelle Wolf needs one thing from George Santos: gossip. The “Daily Show” guest host devoted the top half of her monologue to the House’s third, upcoming vote dedicated to expelling Santos.

“Within the ranks of the United States Congress there’s felons galore,” Santos said in an interview last Friday about House Ethics Committee report against him. “There’s people will all sorts of sheisty backgrounds, and all of a sudden George Santos is the Mary Magdalene of United States Congress.”

“We know the government is corrupt and all these guys are doing the same thing you do, George. The difference is they’re doing it way better than you,” Wolf said. “It’s so easy to figure out your crimes. It’s not even fun. It’s like doing an escape room in a gazebo.”

Wolf then roasted Santos for comparing himself to “the hot one,” Mary Magdalene, before asking Santos what she really wants.

“Tell us who? What? Where? Which orifice?” Wolf said. “We need you, George. Snitch, snitch, my sweater-vested friend.”

So far Santos has survived two previous votes calling for his expulsion from the U.S. House of Representatives. But following a report from the House ethics committee, many believe this third vote will remove the politician. Among the allegations in the report, the panel accused Santos of spending campaign money on Botox treatments, OnlyFans and vacations in the Hamptons. To date, only five U.S. lawmakers have been removed by a House vote.

Monday marked the beginning of Wolf’s first week hosting her late night alma mater, “The Daily Show.” Wolf was first hired as a contributor to “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” in 2016, after her stint working for “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” She then went on to host her own talk show on Netflix, the one season “The Break with Michelle Wolf.”


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