‘The Golden Bachelor’ Alum Joan Vassos Says She’d Jump at the Chance to Lead ‘Bachelorette’ Spin-Off

Sandra, Kathy and Susan from Gerry Turner’s season tell TheWrap they would love to be on the other side of the ABC dating franchise

Joan and Jesse Palmer on “The Women Tell All” episode of "The Golden Bachelor" (Disney/John Fleenor)

With whispers of a potential “Golden Bachelorette” spin-off rumbling across “Bachelor” nation, “The Golden Bachelor” alum Joan Vassos said she would jump at the chance if offered the gig — as soon as “tomorrow.”

“We believe in this process — we were just part of it,” Vassos told TheWrap during the Women Tell All taping. “You can be skeptical going in, but when you come out of it, it works, and they make it fun. ‘Bachelor’ nation is a great group of people and they’re very caring. They’re good at this.”

Sandra Mason echoed Vassos’ enthusiasm, adding that the process of finding a match on the ABC dating show is “doable.”

“Who wouldn’t want to have 22 men vying for our attention and falling in love with us so we get to choose?” Kathy Swarts told TheWrap, and Susan Noles noted she “would love” that scenario.

Swarts did note, however, that it would be difficult to find a willing group of senior men who would be able to keep up with the women of Gerry Turner’s season.

“I do think there might be a problem finding men who could keep up with us [and] who are strong enough with our energy,” Swarts said, with Noles adding “we have big personalities.”

“The Golden Bachelor” showrunners told TheWrap in early November they are “hopeful” about the odds of another spin-off, with co-showrunner Claire Freeland noting the team is “standing by” for a potential green light from the network.

“We know that if we do [“Golden Bachelorette”], it will be very different,” co-showrunner Jason Ehrlich told TheWrap. “We’re really interested to see how that will play out, but hope that we do get the opportunity, and that we get the same genuine feeling of reasonable people who are looking for love.”

Susan, Ellen, Theresa, Faith and Leslie on “The Golden Bachelor” (Disney/John Fleenor)

As a tight friendship formed between “The Golden Bachelor” alum Noles, Swarts, April Kirkwood and Nancy Holkower — who call themselves the ASKN crew — Noles cautioned that fans have not seen the last of them as they “would like to go further with this,” joking that a “Golden” version of “Bachelor in Paradise” for the women would involve the one-piece rather than a bikini.

Beyond the romance shared between Turner and the women this season, many “Bachelor” nation fans have been touched by the close bond fostered among the contestants, as well as moments of empowerment.

“I’ve had a tough life,” Swarts said, pointing to her husband’s suicide. “People have told me how strong I am, but after doing this show, now I realize for myself how strong I am and how I never miss an opportunity for an adventure.”

“I entertained all my life, doing hair and makeup for people [and] I’m an officiant as well, so I’m always in front of a crowd and pleasing people,” Noles added. “But this time, it was about pleasing me and making really good strong friendships because, frankly, we all knew only one person’s walking away with Gerry, but we’re walking away with lots of great lifelong friendships.”

For Mason, dating Turner and living alongside the women has encouraged her to start dating again, saying “I’m ready to meet and greet a guy.”

“I’m motivated,” Vassos said. “I thought that I wanted love and now I crave it … I felt it a little bit and like it felt so good.”

“The Golden Bachelor” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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