‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ Rises to No. 2 Most-Watched Talk Show Among Women 18-34 | Exclusive

The daytime talk show also distinguished itself as the No. 3 most-watched talk show among adults 18-34

The Jennifer Hudson Show
"The Jennifer Hudson Show" (WB TV)

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“The Jennifer Hudson Show” has risen to become the No. 2 most-watched talk show among women 18-34 this season, behind only “Live with Kelly and Mark,” TheWrap can reveal exclusively.

This season, the daytime talk show has also distinguished itself as the No. 3 most-watched talk show among viewers 18-34, according to Nielsen live-plus-same-day, behind “Live with Kelly and Mark” and “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” “The Jennifer Hudson Show” is currently tied for the third most-watched talk show in the 18-34 demo with “Sherri.”

Whereas “The Jennifer Hudson Show” tied for the tenth most-watched talk show among women 18-34 and tied for eighth most-watched talk show among viewers 18-34 last October, as compared to last season, the talk show is up 43% in viewership among women 18-34 and up 33% in viewership among adults 18-34.

This season has also posted impressive growth across the country, with the show boosting its viewership by 100% among adults 18-34 on KTTV-TV in Los Angeles, WFLD-TV in Chicago and WATL-TV in Atlantic, according to Nielsen figures. “The Jennifer Hudson Show” is also delivering a 300% increase on WTFX-TV in Philadelphia.

To date, “The Jennifer Hudson Show” has also retained 94% of its prior viewership among adults 25-54, marking the second strong year-to-year retention among talk shows in the key demo, behind only “The Kelly Clarkson Show’s” 98% rating retention. The day time talk show is averaging a greater retention than the average syndicated talk show average of 83%, per Nielsen figures.

“The Jennifer Hudson Show,” which premiered its most recent season on Oct. 2, is produced by JHUD Productions and Warner Bros. Unscripted Television in association with Telepictures, and is distributed in national syndication by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution.

Hudson hosts and executive produces the daytime talk show alongside EPs Mary Connelly, Andy Lassner, Corey Palent, Graehme Morphy and Walter Williams III. LaNeé Griffin serves as an co-executive producer on the show.


24 responses to “‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ Rises to No. 2 Most-Watched Talk Show Among Women 18-34 | Exclusive”

  1. Marjorie Factory Avatar
    Marjorie Factory

    Jennifer Hudson show is my favorite show
    Marjorie Factory

  2. Joc Anderson Avatar
    Joc Anderson

    Jennifer is a natural conversationalist. She makes her guests comfortable and draws them to reveal themselves in a manner that makes feel like they’re talking to a friend in private.  She’s was destined for greatness.  She will be the next Oprah, Ellen and Johnny all rolled in one! We❤️JH. 

  3. Sandra Smith Avatar
    Sandra Smith

    I truly love Jennifer Hudson show.  I retired in July 2023 and I normally watch this show everyday that she comes in television.  I also record this show so I can watch it if I miss the show.  Jennifer puts her all and all into her guest and she lets the audience get involved too.  I hope this show makes it to the number one show of daytime.  God bless her and her friends!  

  4. Kathleen miller Avatar
    Kathleen miller

    I love the Jennifer show also she is always so pleasant and always involves the audience members that’s what makes her show so good and she has good guests on her show when I watch her show I don’t want it to end that’s how good her show is Jennifer keep on keeping us entertained In a good way.

  5. Cassandra hill Avatar
    Cassandra hill

    Love Jennifer pray that she makes it she is fantastic 

    1. Selayne “Sela” Lewis Avatar
      Selayne “Sela” Lewis

      What I love about the Jennifer Hudson show is the way she interviews. She holds a safe loving space for all of her guests. Jennifer has guests on her show that aren’t overly saturated by media. She keeps it fresh. She is relatable. She is gracious. She is a risk taker. I truly appreciate how she allows us to get to know the interviewee personally before she asks questions about their projects. Together with Jennifer we get to personally engage her guests that she interviews. We get to peek into the window of conversation as a cohost with JHud and Walter…. I love how uplifting she is.
      This show is fire and forward thinking….

  6. Jeffrey Zachary Avatar
    Jeffrey Zachary


    I’ve watched a few times, and all of you shows were awesome to me. You are so personable and vibe as a
    sincere and trusting person to everyone!
    You have Awesome POSITIVE ENERGY (Always)—really lures us ALL-IN!

    KEEP GOING!!!!!!!

  7. Johnnie Mae Davis Avatar
    Johnnie Mae Davis

    I enjoy the Jennifer Hudson show, she is down to earth, respectful and has a clean spirited show, no profanity used to get her point across. Additionally, I enjoy her guest line up. Continued success and prayers for Jhud and company!

    1. LsGreen Avatar

      I think this survey is bias. I do not watch any off these shows. What about Tamron Hall and sherri shepard talk shows.

      1. Den Avatar

        Exactly that!

  8. Mamie Avatar

    Love The Jennifer Hudson Show! I pray Jennifer has more and more years as a talk show host. Love you Jennifer.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  9. JANICE L OFOH Avatar

    I love watching the Jennifer Hudson show I watch it every day I love it because she’s so down to earth and she’s a God fearing woman and she includes her audience good luck Jennifer

  10. Marlene Avatar

    OMG, I know The JHUD Show is is the best show on the TV. You Go JHud

  11. Tywander Bush Avatar
    Tywander Bush

    Congratulations JHud
    The sheer FACT that there are 3 Black Women in Daytime Television with THEIR names on THEIR Shows is
    HERSTORY in itself
    Congratulations To
    Tamron Hall
    Jennifer Hudson
    Sherri Shephard

    1. Barbara Avatar

      There you go that’s all u care about , 3 black shows . Not if they are good . 

  12. Peggy Crayton Avatar
    Peggy Crayton

    Stay happy in the Happy Place I watch because it makes me Happy. Your great Jennifer. God bless you 

  13. Yvette Waters Avatar

    There’s Enough viewers for All the Talk Shows. They All bring something different to the table. Different Strokes for Different Folks. I Pray that All TS’s stay on the Air for A very long time they each have their own demographics. Good Luck to All of you that are in the TS business.

  14. Diane Arnold Avatar
    Diane Arnold

    I ❤ ❤ ❤ JHud Show. I’ve been watching since it debuted. I ❤ ❤ her as a Singer, Actress and Talk Show host. She is down to earth, she’s funny and she makes you feel like a you’re apart of her family. Her audience is amazing. I ❤ her guests line-up. I want to visit the ‘Happy, Happy Place.” ❤

  15. Cora Deal Avatar
    Cora Deal

    Jennifer you are Awesome, and your show is amazing and the best. You do a great job in letting your guests talk about themselves, and answer questions asked by the audience.

  16. Ruben Rodriguez Avatar
    Ruben Rodriguez

    She’s a huger, that says a lot. Genuine and shows her love for life and people. ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Victor Avatar

    Love her personality. GOD FEARING WOMAN.GREAT SHOW .LOVE YOUJhud

  18. Trish Avatar

    I like her show she is authentic and keep it real.  Always keep God first 🥰

  19. Lisa Murphy Avatar
    Lisa Murphy

    Congratulations to my girl JHud. Keep being your natural self and you will continue to soar.

  20. Deborah Braswell Avatar
    Deborah Braswell

    I am a newly retired educator of 40+ years & have watched The Jennifer Hudson Show since the start. I also tape the shows daily so as to view later. I love her interaction w/her audience and she seems genuine, compassionate and caring. She is respectful and caring w/her guests…the older- younger ones. I love how she interjects into conversation, the life lesson that her mother left w/her and all comes from a place of Love ❤️. I also love how in her 2nd season, she pay homage to the music/artist world w/songs from the past…and yes, I be dancing also!

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