‘The Masked Singer’ Beaches Another 2 Contestants: And Starfish and Ugly Sweater Are…

Goldfish was crowned the Group A champion on the Fox singing competition


It was Queen night on “The Masked Singer” this week, and unfortunately, elimination was the real life, not just a fantasy for two contestants. It marked the second double elimination of the season, but it also crowned the Group A victor.

To kick off the episode, the three singers remaining in group A put on a group performance of “We Are the Champions,” even though there can only be one. Then, they got into the solos of the night, with Ugly Sweater going first.

He performed an incredible rendition of “I Want to Break Free,” but alas, at the end of the episode, Ugly Sweater was also the first person to be eliminated. So, who was under the mask? It was Charlie Wilson, also known as Uncle Charlie, former lead singer for The Gap Band.

Starfish performed next, giving her all to Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure,” followed by Goldfish performing “The Show Must Go On.” They also used the song to recall losing a loved one just before debuting a role and needing to perform anyway (a story that, in Rita Ora’s opinion, indicates Vanessa Hudgens is under the Goldfish mask).

But it was Starfish that got sent home next, making Goldfish the Group A victor. Who was under the Starfish costume, you ask? Well, fans weren’t exactly surprised to see “The Office” star Kate Flannery. Many guessed her early on, recognizing both her voice and deciphering the clues.

For what it’s worth, Flannery did think the clues might’ve been on the easy side. But she was just happy to be there.

“They really gave a lot away, in my opinion, just because the fans really know the math,” Flannery told TheWrap. “They really understand how to plug into stuff. But I also feel like it’s such a broad scope. I mean, you have to give somebody some kind of breadcrumb trail, or it’s just too frustrating. So I’m honored that people know who I am. I mean, it’s good either way!”

And with that, Goldfish moves on to the next stage of the show.

“The Masked Singer” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.


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