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‘The View’ Hosts Are Disgusted by Hollywood Nude Photo Leaks But That Didn’t Stop Rosie Perez from Looking (Video)

Perez calls the hackers ”slime“ but admits Meagan Good’s topless pictures ”looked good, though“

The ladies of “The View” say they’re disturbed by the latest wave of nude celebrity photos that leaked on the Internet this weekend. But one co-host admits she couldn’t help but look.

“I feel so horrible for these women,” Rosie Perez told the rest of the panel Monday. “It’s so embarrassing.”

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But she went on to admit that she’s seen the topless pictures of actress Meagan Good for herself.

“I was telling my friend yesterday,” Perez said. “He goes, ‘who was the latest?’ I said Meagan Good. He said, ‘How’d she look?’ I said, ‘Girlfriend looked good, though.'”

Good responded Sunday to having her private pictures leaked in a message posted on her Instagram page.

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“I’m definitely in shock,” Good wrote. “Saddened for everyone who is experiencing this … Oh yeah and for everyone who is reposting the leaked nudes, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Perez backed Good’s statement up, and denounced the hackers responsible for leaking the photos.

“The hackers are just slime. Yes, you shouldn’t put up naked photos, but the hackers are just slimy.”

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“I don’t need naked pictures on my Cloud,” Perez said. “Most of my movies, I was naked in.”

Whoopi Goldberg weighed in on the issue, saying she would never be caught in the same predicament, since she keeps hard copies of her nude photos in her wallet.

“You have to figure, they can hack anything,” Goldberg said. “And if your stuff is in the Internet, you’re taking a big chance. So if you don’t want it out there, take it down.”

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Watch the video from Monday “Hot Topic” segment above.