‘The View’: Joy Behar Jokes She Has ‘to Go Into Rehab’ After Finding Old Photo With Eric and Lara Trump

“Anybody who knows me, knows where I stand on this. So, the picture with Eric Trump is meaningless,” the ABC host says

The View

“The View” host Joy Behar has long been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump, and has promised that “until he’s gone, I will not rest.” So, it shocked her a bit when she was looking through old photos, and discovered one where she was posing with his son Eric, and Eric’s wife, Lara (who is now the co-chair of the RNC, thanks to her father in law).

As one of the Hot Topics of the day, the ABC hosts discussed the backlash NFL star Travis Kelce is facing for liking a post from former ESPN host Sage Steele on Instagram, in which she’s seen with Donald Trump. According to the hosts, fans worry Kelce just revealed himself as a quiet Trump supporter.

But, the women gave him some grace, arguing that it might’ve been accidental like or, more likely, he liked the post just because he’s friends with Steele, and didn’t pay attention to the rest. Either way though, they didn’t much mind, with Behar admitting she’s got her own past connections to Trump, as she recently found a photo with Eric and Lara.

“I saw the picture, and I thought ‘I have to go into rehab now,’” she joked. “This is before he became president, it was the correspondents dinner. Obama was in charge.”

As the conversation continued, the hosts circled back to Behar’s photo, joking that she might even have been on one of the Trumps’ Christmas cards, but it doesn’t really matter.

“Anybody who knows me, knows where I stand on this,” Behar explained. “So, the picture with Eric Trump is meaningless.”

Meanwhile, host Alyssa Farah Griffin mostly just mocked any Trump supporters for thinking Kelce’s move was a signal that he agrees with them.

“MAGA tends to do this. They really want to, like, find celebrities who are with them,” she said. “And I hate to break the news to them; he’s an advocate for stricter gun control, he was literally the face of the COVID vaccine, telling people to get the vaccine — a good thing, by the way — and he kneeled during the national anthem. I don’t think you just sniffed him out as a secret Trump supporter.”

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