‘The View’: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Applauds the Hosts’ Acting – Like How They ‘All Act Like You’re Interested in Alyssa’s Opinions’

The puppet manned by Robert Smigel also called out Joy Behar during his appearance

The View

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, along with his handler Robert Smigel, stopped by “The View” on Friday, and gave the hosts a thorough roasting. But the puppet pup also threw in a few compliments, including some praise for the hosts’ acting abilities.

The moment came as Triumph asked the hosts about whether “The View” was affected by the strikes. And, at least in terms of the hosts continuing on, it was not, because the ABC talk show fell under a different contract than the ones being negotiated by the writers and actors earlier this year.

The hosts didn’t go into detail for Triumph, instead just telling him simply that they didn’t have to take a break from filming, and that pleased the dog.

“That wouldn’t make any sense to me, because I think you’re all excellent actors,” he said. “Like the way you four girls all act like you’re interested in Alyssa’s opinions.”

The dig earned a huge laugh from the hosts and the audience, but perhaps the biggest laugh came from Alyssa Farah Griffin herself. And for Triumph, that was a triumph.

“She likes it! That’s one for the conservatives,” he celebrated. “And that’s the only one.”

Of course, Farah Griffin wasn’t the only host Triumph specifically targeted. He also called out Joy Behar, for being with her now husband for 29 years before finally marrying him.

“Clearly being a co-host on ‘The View’ taught her not to get too attached to anybody,” Triumph joked, referring to the regular turnover in hosts of the show.

Eventually, the puppet took aim at “The View” as a whole, first making fun of the age demographic of those who watch it, before making a quick swipe at the arguments that happen at the table.

“I love ‘The View.’ It’s inspiring, it’s empowering,” he said. “It’s a place women feel safe here — except from other women.”

“The View” airs daily at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.


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