‘The View’ Host Whoopi Goldberg Wants to Take Over as ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host After Pat Sajak’s Retirement

“I want that job,” she said on Tuesday’s episode of the ABC talk show

The View

Long-time “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak is retiring after 41 seasons, and the show undoubtedly won’t be the same without him. But eventually, someone will have to step in — and Whoopi Goldberg is very much interested in being that person, apparently.

Whoopi revealed as much on Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” during the panel’s interview with “Jeopardy!” host Ken Jennings. When the women asked him for his thoughts on Sajak’s retirement — having stepped into the shoes of an equally iconic host when Alex Trebek died — Jennings joked that “hopefully ‘Wheel’s’ got an envelope somewhere that says ‘What to Do When Pat Packs It In.’”

At that, host Joy Behar chimed in that “Whoopi wants the job,” and the moderator was quick to piggyback on it.

“I want that job,” she confirmed. “I think it would be tons of fun.”

Behar then offered that she and host Sara Haines could step in for Vanna White, joking that “we’ll take turns walking back and forth, and pointing to the letters.”

Of course, at this point, there’s been no talk of who even might be in the running to replace Sajak, or if White will retire with him. But for what it’s worth, Whoopi taking over wouldn’t necessarily be impossible with her “View” duties, as host Sara Haines also currently hosts “The Chase” for ABC.