‘The Voice’: 15-Year-Old Wows Niall Horan by Performing Coach’s Song ‘This Town’ (Exclusive Video)

15-year-old Olivia Eden wowed several coaches with her impressive vocals

What better way is there to win over a coach on “The Voice” than performing their song?

In an exclusive video shared with TheWrap, 15-year-old Olivia Eden takes the stage during blind auditions to perform Niall Horan’s “This Town,” which earns a smile from Horan almost immediately. By the end of the first verse, Horan was hooked and pressed his buzzer to show his interest in having Eden join his team.

Just seconds later, new coach Reba McEntire, who served as “battle advisor” for Team Blake during the show’s first season and was a “mega mentor” in Season 23, pressed her buzzer as well. John Legend and Gwen Stefani appeared entranced by the song but did not turn their chairs.

After Eden’s performance, Horan immediately commented on the New Jersey native’s song, saying “great song choice — I know that one well.”

Eden then introduced herself and revealed her age, which shocked Legend and Stefani.

“Congratulations, you have two wonderful coaches,” Legend told Eden. “One of them is possibly the favorite since you picked their song … I think your tone is really beautiful — it has this charm to it that’s gonna serve you really well on this show.”

Stefani similarly complimented Eden’s “yodel” and assured her she’s gonna “go far.”

When it comes time for Horan’s evaluation, the coach tells Eden he would love to hear her sing country — which Legend points out might not be so smart as he goes against to the Queen of Country.

“You showed off so many different parts of your voice, more than I do and I wrote the thing,” Horan said. “It’s a really captivating voice — very refreshing to hear. I’d love you to be on my team. And thanks for picking my song.”

Next up, McEntire made her case for why Eden should join her team, first complimenting the singer’s “ease” as compared to McEntire’s first experiences being “petrified” on stage.

“Your poise is so incredible, and I’m flabbergasted at your vocal ease,” McEntire told Eden. “You were just having such a good time, you made me have fun. So I’m so glad I turned around and would love to be your coach.”

Watch tonight’s episode of “The Voice” to see who Eden ended up choosing as her coach.

“The Voice” premieres Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.


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