TheWrap Nominated Best Entertainment Website in National Entertainment Journalism Awards

Our site was nominated as the best in the country for the second year in a row

TheWrap, the entertainment industry’s most influential and reliable news source, was nominated for a whopping nine nominations for the Los Angeles Press Club’s 6th annual National Entertainment Journalism Awards on Tuesday, including best entertainment website for the second year in a row, we are pleased to share.

Other nominations of note were for “WaxWord,” editor-in-chief Sharon Waxman’s blog about the business of entertainment, and TheWrap’s thrilling four nominations in the investigative category. This includes one for TheWrap’s most notable story in 2013 — the uncovering of ties in the Bauer Media Group to Nazi sympathizer publications. TheWrap’s series on the new realities of Hollywood’s economic landscape was also nominated, as were previous series in honor of the Special Centennial Awards, celebrating the Los Angeles Press Club’s 100-year history.

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In a response to receiving word of the nine nominations, Sharon Waxman, TheWrap’s editor-in-chief, said, “We are so proud of our fantastic reporters whose work is honored here, especially with the nomination for best website. It’s even more rewarding to see our excellent journalism recognized in a year when we’ve grown our newsroom and our traffic by leaps and bounds, and redesigned and relaunched the site itself. Our core focus remains and will always be great journalism.”

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Full list of TheWrap’s nominations:



ENTERTAINMENT BLOG, by an individual

Sharon Waxman, TheWrap “WaxWord”

Richard Stellar, TheWrap, “Blogging on the Underbelly of the Entertainment Industry”


Andrew Gumbel and Steven Mikulan, TheWrap, “The Motion Picture and Television Fund’s Long Road to Failure” (2011)

Johnnie Roberts, TheWrap, “Inside the Secret Life of Michael Jackson” (2010)

Richard Stellar, TheWrap, “Returning ‘We Take Care of Our Own’ to the Motion Picture and Television Home” (2009-2012)


Andrew Gumbel, Sharon Waxman and TheWrap, “In Touch Tabloid Publisher Trades in Nazis, Porn, Sometimes Both”


Brent Lang, Lucas Shaw, Liza Foreman and TheWrap, “Surviving in the New Hollywood: A 3-Part Series”
“Part 1: The New Hollywood: Producers Struggle to Adjust to Life Outside the Studio Lot”
“Part 2: The New Hollywood: Movie Writers Find More Power, Better Jobs on the Small Screen.”
“Part 3: Look Who’s Rising to Fill the Void Left by Studios: Foreign Sales Companies”


Brent Lang and Anthony Maglio, TheWrap, “Why A La Carte Cable Could Kill TV’s Golden Age”