TikTok Is Under Fire: Why a PR Powerhouse Hire and C-Suite Shake-Up Make Sense | Analysis

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The China-backed company is working overtime to handle heightening scrutiny from Western regulators, which is where ex-Disney exec Zenia Mucha comes in


Out: creators. In: regulators.

That’s the implicit message in TikTok’s recent management shakeup, which saw longtime executive V. Pappas, the company’s chief operating officer and champion of its creator-focused strategy, step down and Disney PR vet Zenia Mucha sign on as the company’s head of communications.

“It’s no secret that TikTok is under more regulatory and reputational scrutiny, so a reshuffling of the C-suite is not surprising,” said Matt Bilinsky, a media, tech and business-focused attorney.

Pappas and Mucha were just the two most notable changing faces in a wide-ranging corporate reshuffle, but the symbolism in the moves is strong. Mucha had already been hired on to coach TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew before his Congressional testimony this spring, for all