How the Streamers Stack Up in the Battle for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fans | Charts

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With a broad appeal across audiences, the two categories are an effective way to attract new subscribers

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Paramount
"Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" (Paramount+)

Sci-fi and fantasy have proven to be two of the most consistently popular genres with audiences. Some of the most enduring franchises and buzziest shows in recent years have come from these genres. Success comes at a price however — often these shows end up being some of the most expensive to make. Platforms have used these winning genres differently to help get a leg up in the fight for audience attention.

Apple TV+ has clearly focused on filling its catalog with sci-fi content as 10.1% of shows on the platform are sci-fi, a larger share allocated to this genre than any other major streamer in the U.S.


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