Travis Kelce’s Mom Says Meeting Taylor Swift Was ‘OK’ and Her Son’s Relationship Is ‘Too New’ to Be Called a Romance (Video)

The NFL celebrity also opens up about what she and Swift talked about on “Today”

Donna Kelce, the mother of NFL players Travis and Jason Kelce, has given her official review of Taylor Swift: “OK.”

When asked by “Today” what it was like meeting the pop sensation, Kelce said, “It was OK.” Later, when prompted about whether or not Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship could be called a “budding romance,” Kelce avoided the question.

“I honestly can’t tell ya. It’s just too new,” Kelce said.

If Kelce’s answers seem distant, it’s all part of her respect for her son’s “personal life.”

“It’s fairly new, so I don’t like to talk about it. It’s one of those things where everybody obviously saw me. I was in the boxes with her, and it’s just another thing that’s amped up my life,” Kelce said before adding, “I’ll talk about my life and [when] the kids were little and I was with them, but they’re men now.”

But Kelce did answer one question about her now-viral interaction with Swift. Apparently one time when the two of them were talking, Kelce was explaining to Swift how commercials work during NFL games. Kelce explained that the man who wears bright orange gloves during the game is the network controller. He coordinates and administers commercial breaks during games for broadcasting networks, radio broadcasts and NFL Broadcasting.

Donna Kelce first captured America’s attention earlier this year when her sons — Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce — played against each other in the Super Bowl. But she made headlines again when she was spotted next to Taylor Swift while watching a Chiefs’ game. This happened as rumors started to swirl that the football star and the mega celebrity were dating.

For her part, Donna Kelce feels like the public attention on her is like being in “some kind of alternate universe.” “Since the Super Bowl it’s just been one thing after another,” Kelce said on “Today.”


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