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Trevor Noah’s Twitter Growth: The Big Numbers Following the Huge ‘Daily Show’ News

This weekend, followers for Jon Stewart’s replacement grew more than 16 times his normal rate

Jon Stewart‘s newly named “Daily Show” successor Trevor Noah has averaged 2,666 new Twitter followers per day over the past month, TheWrap has learned, but his newfound fame and increasing exposure are advancing that fan base at a far quicker rate.

At the time of this writing, Noah had 2.06 million followers on the social media site. The stand-up comedian will have more tomorrow — and he certainly had fewer last week, before the big Comedy Central news broke.

On Thursday, Noah claimed 1.987 million Twitter followers. Therefore, he’s currently up 69,000 fans on the 140-characters-or-less site since then.

Here’s the timeline of that growth: From Thursday to Saturday, per Twitter, Noah saw an increase of 5,600 total followers — so a slight uptick over the 48 hours from his daily average — as the 31-year-old joined the short list of heirs-apparent to Stewart’s seat.

From Saturday to Sunday, however, the South African correspondent saw a much more dramatic boost: Noah scored 43,055 new followers from March 28-March 29, or more than 16 times his normal amount.

Monday’s growth — when the news became official — seems likely to be even larger, when the dust and the data settles. Those numbers will be available on Tuesday. Comedy Central has yet to select a start date for Noah, or an end date for Stewart.

Here’s Noah’s latest tweet, which currently has 13,214 retweets and 12,326 favorites:

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