Jerry Seinfeld and Melissa McCarthy Lead a Pop-Tarts Space Race in Cameo-Filled Trailer for ‘Unfrosted’ | Video

The Netflix movie also stars Amy Schumer, James Marsden, Dan Levy, Christian Slater, Hugh Grant and many more

Netflix unveiled the trailer for “Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story,” a new film starring, co-written and directed by Jerry Seinfeld on Thursday, and this thing is packed with comedy stars.

The movie is loosely based on the true story of the race between Kellogg’s and Post to create a fruit-filled pastry, which would eventually result in the creation of Pop-Tarts — a defining moment not just for America, but perhaps the world.

While it was unclear what path Seinfeld was taking with “Unfrosted,” it is very clear that he is going for a more gonzo approach instead of a straightforward how-this-product-was-made story, which we have seen a lot of in the past couple of years (“Air,” “Tetris,” “Blackberry”) And, honestly, it looks like a lot of fun.

Seinfeld stars as Bob Cabana, with Melissa McCarthy as Donna Stankowski, the chief architects of the Pop-Tart, and stages the rivalry between Kellogg’s and Post as a Space Race-style attempt to beat the clock. Except that instead of the conquest of space, they are desperately trying to be the first company to give children a sugary alternative to their morning bowl of cereal.

But they’re not alone. There are plenty of cameos in the trailer from famous comedians playing famous people, including (but not limited to) Bobby Moynihan as Chef Boyardee, James Marsden as Jack LaLanne, Bill Burr as John F. Kennedy, Kyle Dunnigan as Walter Cronkite and much, much more. In fact, Amy Schumer, Hugh Grant, Peter Dinklage, Christian Slater, Dan Levy, Jack McBrayer, Kyle Mooney, Tony Hale, Cedric the Entertainer, Jon Hamm, Fred Armisen and John Slattery also appear in “Unfrosted.” Star-studded, indeed.

Seinfeld wrote the script with Spike Feresten, Barry Marder and Andy Robin and produced the movie alongside Fersten and Beau Bauman. Perhaps most incredibly, the film was shot by Bill Pope, the legendary cinematographer behind “Darkman,” “The Matrix,” “The World’s End” and “Spider-Man 2.”

“Unfrosted” hits Netflix shelves on May 3.


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