Universal Studios Hollywood Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Studio Tour With New and Classic Experiences

The celebration will happen between April 26 and August 11

USH - Studio Tour 60th - Glamor Tram at Jaws Lake
Universal Studios Hollywood reissues iconic Glamor Trams as world-renowned Studio Tour celebrates a milestone 60 years with new and nostalgic enhancements, including a unique step off tram and onto a movie set moment, a reimagined Earthquake attraction, return of the Runaway Train and a colossal Jurassic World T. rex dinosaur encounter from April 26 through August 11, 2024.

Universal Studios Hollywood is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Backlot Studio Tour with a dedicated program from April 26 through August 11, 2024. As part of the celebration the trams will receive a makeover that pays homage to the original iconic red-and-white Glamor Trams. Over the span of 60 years, Universal Studios Hollywood has been visited by over 200 million guests worldwide and remains the crown jewel of the Universal Studios Hollywood experience.

According to the official press release “the centerpiece of the Studio Tour 60th anniversary celebration will treat guests to the unique opportunity to step off the tram and onto a legendary movie set where an original, fully restored 1964 vintage Glamor Tram awaits. The area will provide additional memorable photo opportunities and social media posts, including a giant ‘King Kong’ backdrop and the theme park’s original hanging ‘Jaws’ shark.”

Additionally, the Earthquake – The Big One attraction, which debuted as part of the Studio Tour in 1989, has undergone a top-to-bottom renovation and will debut with contemporary technology and aesthetics.

It’s unclear if the dancing cars that were once a part of the experience and went away with the Fast and Furious – Supercharged portion of the tour will return. There’s been a big black tarp over them for years and we hope they’re doing okay. (The Kuka robotic arm technology that brought the dancing cars to life also power another attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.)

USH - Studio Tour 60th - Backlot Step Off Tram
Universal Studios

Other features include a visit to Courthouse Square, where scenes from the “Back to the Future” movies have been filmed (along with everything from “To Kill a Mockingbird” to “Gremlins” to “The Monster Squad”), complete with an original time machine picture car and Doc Brown himself (just like how you glimpse that rascally Norman Bates by the “Psycho” house).

According to the official release, as the tram cars “navigates around the historic backlot, additional surprises from a time long gone will make a cameo appearance, including the temporary return of the 1976 Runaway Train as warning bells and sirens alarm from its stationary location. Moments of nostalgia will also be featured aboard the tram’s monitors showing clips of former Studio Tour attractions as they once appeared on the tour.”

There will also be a new dinosaur from “Jurassic World” on the tour. “This giant, growling creature, bearing a large bite of sharp teeth, will be located adjacent to a locked paddock of wild dinosaurs that can be heard screeching and clamoring to escape,” according to the official release.

Universal Studios has also partnered with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Hollywood Sign Trust and “is debuting the first-ever original replica of the Sign to be situated along the studio backlot, adjacent to the tram step off moment. This large-scale reproduction was meticulously crafted from the Sign’s historic records to faithfully recreate this iconic landmark and bring it to visiting Studio Tour guests, where it will be nestled for several years along the hillside. The original Hollywood Sign towers at 45 feet; this official replica will stand tall at 10 feet to complement the landscape.”

There will also be ”a selection of specially created, highly themed food and beverages, curated by the theme park’s Executive Chef Julia Thrash, along with themed merchandise and memorabilia.” You can also buy a special dining package, which allows you “ to choose six eligible menu items: a choice of two entrees, plus a choice of four snacks, sides, desserts or beverages at participating restaurants or food carts. Select in-park venues and food carts are excluded, and the Dining Pass is valid only on the day of purchase.”

Additionally, the food cart on the upper lot will be turned into a Glamor Tram and serve up a selection of treats tied into the celebration, including the Glam Tram Cookie, Film Reel Cookie Sandwich, Giant 60th Pretzel, 60th Celebration Cookies and Banana Breath Popcorn, a reference to the old Kong encounter on the tour and his infamous banana breath. The popcorn bucket (below) is a must.

USH - Studio Tour 60th - Glamor Tram Popcorn Bucket (2) (1)
Universal Studios Hollywood

“The Studio Tour paved the way for the development of Universal Studios Hollywood and celebrating its 60-year milestone pays homage to its indelible impact,” said Scott Strobl, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Universal Studios Hollywood, in an official statement. “The Studio Tour is a crown jewel in our theme park portfolio and a beloved attraction for millions of guests. We are thrilled and honored to share our enthusiasm for its historic relevance with guests both new to the experience as well as those who have journeyed with us along the way.”


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