Unscripted TV Is on the Rise, But Docuseries Production Is Already Outpacing Demand | Charts

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Demand for documentary series rose 44% in three years, while production increased 62%

Ryan Reynolds in "Welcome to Wrexham" (FX)

Unscripted television has emerged as a powerful medium for delving into real-world issues and presenting a diverse range of voices and perspectives. In an era where authenticity and representation in media is highly prized, these shows offer a vital outlet for sharing stories that might not be covered elsewhere. They range from deeply personal accounts in documentary-style series to the captivating drama and competition found in reality shows, reflecting the intricate and varied nature of contemporary life and audience interests.

The significance of unscripted TV was further amplified following the 2023 labor disputes in Hollywood. Two major Hollywood labor unions went on strike, leading to a significant slowdown in the production of new scripted TV shows and movies for a large part of the year.


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